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Book a demo <>

Protect your brand on Amazon

With a technology designed to cut IP infringements at the source

Red Points’ software can detect online infringements at scale and send removal requests to Amazon automatically.

Take advantage of our AI-powered and easy-to-use platform to streamline the process of protecting your brand.

With our software you will be able to:

  • Takedown fake products outranking your listings and affecting reviews 
  • Protect customers from dangerous fakes
  • Safeguard your brand value and revenue
  • Manage your protected assets in an organized workflow
"It's the ability to attack hundreds of listings all at once without having to do things one at a time. I think that's the biggest advantage"

Francis Costello,

COO AT 100%

Effective results

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Benefits of Red Points

  • Stop inferior fake products affecting reviews
  • Protect customers from dangerous fakes
  • Safeguard brand value
  • Manage your brand assets in an organized, task-based workflow

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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist