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Brand Protection Solution

E-commerce exposes brands to new risks on a variety of different forms of IP infringements. Red Points protects clients against all forms of IP rights abuses.


A product that intends to imitate a genuine brand, using its logo and design, is classified as a counterfeit and is by far the most prevalent form of intellectual property violation that brands face. Replicas and brand abusing products are also common. Counterfeiters continue to improve their presentation and product quality, making it even more difficult for consumers to differentiate between real and fake products online.


On social media or through a website, this is when someone tries to appear as the genuine social media outlet or website of a brand.

Fake Apps

This is when an application uses a brand's trademark or IP in order to appear as an official download of the brand on Apple, Microsoft, and Android stores.

Brand Abuse

When a product uses false claims of association or sponsorship in order to help them gain the trust of potential customers.

The rise of online brand infringements

The percentage of fake products that originate from China.
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The global value of fake products.
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The percentage of the EU's imports that are fake products.

Do you have a problem with brand abuse?

Find out to what extent you have a problem. Our audit will give you the info you need to judge the level of risk for yourself. Knowledge is power!

The consequences of brand abuse

How can it affect your brand?

Economic Losses

Economic Losses

Diverted web traffic, lost sales through deceived customers, downward pressure on prices and a drop in licensing value are just some of the effects.

Brand Equity

Brand Equity

Loss of uniqueness, low consumer confidence, poor brand placement and lack of exclusivity can all erode brand equity.

Unprotected Partners

Unprotected Partners

Distributors, franchisees, sponsors and licensees will all suffer from the devaluation of your brand and their loss of distribution exclusivity.

Safety Risks

Safety Risks

Counterfeits are subject to no safety regulations; those deceived into buying them risk their safety, potentially causing unwarranted damage to a brand.

    “It used to take up a lot of our time and now we can just focus on design and doing our core jobs.”
    Within six months of using our service, 92% of infringements had been eliminated from online marketplaces, making it virtually impossible for knockoffs to reach consumers.

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Knowledge is power. We’ve put together a range of resources for you to learn all you need to know about piracy and how to prevent it.

Happy clients using our brand protection solution


Some of the products protected

Our smart solution has attracted clients who own some of the biggest products in the world.



Red Points’ technology can detect and report infringements automatically, in a matter of hours. We provide the power of a large search team and the knowledge of an experienced legal department; all available on your desktop 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the time and financial cost.


The combination of our technology, analysts and legal experts allows us to streamline the entire protection process. This coupled with our multiple professional relationships and robust search strategies, have made us one of the most effective brand protection services in the world.


Our scalable tech allows us to offer protection to both large and smaller sized organisations. We believe in learning from our clients, so we create a tailored protection strategy for each one. We offer different levels of service to suit different levels of threats and different sized budgets.

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