Putting the brakes on counterfeit machinery

With over $144 million worth of counterfeit products enforced in 18 months, CNH Industrial’s brand protection & seller tracking efforts have gone up a gear

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Total units removed

$ 144 million

Value of counterfeit products enforced in 18 months


Sellers removed

The Challenge

Due to a large increase of scammers selling counterfeit parts online, CNH Industrial’s reputation was tarnished, and they experienced a potential sales decline. To combat these counterfeit parts, CNH invested in further protection for their brand by doubling their team and resources, but this proved unsuccessful.

Despite a larger team who worked to create a more streamlined process for taking down infringements online, CNH still couldn’t compete with scammers. They realized they needed a partner to help them cope with the infringements they were encountering on a daily basis.

The Solution

Red Points allows CNH to combat online infringements and counterfeit products faster and easier than they could accomplish on their own. With 24/7 monitoring, infringements are identified much faster, and the automatic takedown process means less time and resources are spent dealing with infringements.

The Result

With the help of Red Points, CNH has been able to remove over $100M worth of counterfeit parts online. The software allows them to easily follow up on every case and take immediate action against online counterfeits. Red Points also provides CNH with reports and insight that has helped make it even easier for them to identify and remove counterfeits effectively.

CNH Industrial
CNH Industrial N.V. is an American-Italian multinational corporation with global headquarters in Basildon, United Kingdom. Through its various businesses, CNH Industrial designs, produces, and sells agricultural machinery and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles (Iveco), in addition to powertrains for industrial and marine applications.

MRO Industry

Basildon, United Kingdom


“We’ve been able to remove over $100M in non-genuine parts value. The investment in Red Points is more than justified.”

Alejandro Sotodosos, Global Brand and Channel Protection Manager at CNH

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The CNH Industrial Story

CNH Industrial is a global vehicle manufacturer made up of 12 brands with headquarters and markets that span across 180 countries. The foundations for the global brand began back in 1842 when Jerome Case established the Racine Threshing Machine Works, and has been expanding ever since.

CNH continues to expand, designing and producing vehicles and machines vital to the agricultural and industrial fields. Their products include various technical parts and patents that have become easier to counterfeit online over recent years, making brand protection an essential focus for the brand’s continued success.

Counterfeits growing too quickly to control

The manual approach CNH was using to address counterfeits online simply wasn’t working to solve the problem. It takes a massive amount of time and resources to manually write, print, and send cease and desist letters to take down counterfeits online. Because of how slow this process is, CNH was losing revenue and loyal customers were losing their trust in the company.

The efficient brand protection solution

Red Points automated the monitoring and takedown process for counterfeits online and took that stress and hassle off CNH. The flexibility of Red Points helped the company focus on their problem areas, and made identifying and taking down counterfeits faster and easier than ever. Since using Red Points, CNH has taken down over $100M in counterfeit parts, and have received positive feedback from dealers, customers, and partners about the improved brand protection.

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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist