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Dermacol established itself as a cosmetics mainstay, but their brand was at stake when customers started to notice counterfeits online


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The challenge

As Dermacol’s popularity grew, so did the number of cheap counterfeits appearing online. These fake products had the potential to not only harm their brand but also their customers. Hunting down individual fakes was unsustainable, yet the company needed to protect its brand and the integrity of their cosmetics.

The solution

Faced with such a large-scale and time-consuming problem, Dermacol needed a way of detecting fake products and dealing with them quickly and efficiently. With Red Points’ solution of advanced, self-improving search algorithms that scan online marketplaces and social media, Dermacol was able to easily keep track of fraudulent products as they appeared, and quickly take them down.

The result

With the help of Red Points, Dermacol has removed 95% of fraudulent cases discovered. Red Points’ detection of fraudulent cosmetic products on sites such as eBay, Instagram and have enabled Dermacol to maintain their clients’ trust, and focus on what matters: breaking into new markets and expanding their product range.


Dermacol’s makeup captures the glitz and glam of 1960s Hollywood. Launched more than 50 years ago through a collaboration of Barrandov Film Studios and the Medical Cosmetics Institute in Prague, its flawless covering foundation has garnered a loyal following. Synonymous with perfect skin, you can now find this Czech brand in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Cosmetics Industry
Czech Republic

Cosmetics Industry

“With fakes springing up on social media sites such as Instagram, it was impossible to track each and every individual case. Red Points changed that for us”

Barbora Bystřická,
Export Manager at Dermacol

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