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Keeping retailers on the same page

How AFG used Red Points Seller Tracking to harmonize its distribution network


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Sellers tracked


Broken compliance issues detected

The challenge

As owners of an extensive distribution network, AFG found themselves stuck with the task of manually tracking a multitude of sellers. Staff members were having to dedicate huge parts of their day to finding and documenting partner information, product prices and third-party domains. All this work left AFG with no time to act upon their findings.

The Solution

Using Red Points Seller Tracking meant AFG no longer had to do the heavy lifting in monitoring their online distribution. Red Points’ platform now tracks AFG’s entire online seller network, allowing them to monitor the activity of every online distributor and retailer selling products from their brand. This includes not only the authorized partners but totally unknown ones, too.

Red Points’ flexible pricing structure gave AFG a bespoke solution, allowing them to monitor every single online channel their products is sold at and obtaining all the relevant information they need to have full visibility over their online sales.

The Result

AFG staff now have time to take action on the data collected, as everything they need to know to inform strategic decisions is presented in monthly reports and intelligible graphs. 

Their distributors and retailers are adhering to the MAP policy, and AFG’s relationship with partners is better than ever. With no price erosion from sellers competing within their network, the AFG name is protected, and their reputation is no longer under the same threat.

About AFG
From their start with selling products in parking lots, AFG has become an international wholesale company. They partner with brands to offer a catalog of over 8,000 products from a wide range of industries. Their reach and product range expand every year, from homeware to vaping products, and their brand name grows with it.


Wholesale distribution

North Carolina, USA

Wholesale distribution

“If you’re a company and you’re looking to protect your brand and you already don’t have a way to monitor and enforce your agreements with distributors, you should be looking into Red Points”

Luke Mallory,
Ecommerce Manager at AFG Distribution

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