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Counterfeiters hijack luxury brands on social media, marketplaces and brand impersonating websites. Red Points uses cutting-edge technology to detect and remove all online infringements.

We leave no room for errors

Most anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting firms are service-based, which means they rely heavily on large teams of people to search for and remove infringements from the internet.

Red Points is different. We invest in our technology to make sure we can offer a fastest, most efficient and cost-effective IP protection solution in the market. Red Points’ analysts have the best tools that help rule out human error and streamline the brand protection process.

Our search database catalogues over 5,000+ online sources, this large search capacity ensures we cover all marketplaces, social media channels and any other platform that might threaten your brand. Red Points has close working agreements with the top 30 online markets, where we’re able to maintain an outstanding 99% IP enforcement rate.

“It’s frustrating to see people coming out there and making a cheaper version of our watch.”

Jess Dorward, Marketing Manager at The 5TH


Benefits of Red Points

  • Advanced detection and validation technology
  • Dedicated brand analyst
  • 99% enforcement rate on over 30 top marketplaces
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required
  • Real-time results
  • 24/7 protection
  • 96% of success rate from detections to removals
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required.
Watch how The 5TH eliminated counterfeits online with Red Points saving thousands of dollars.
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