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Your fans deserve to have the original experience of your brand. Red Points’ protects your business by getting rid of brand abusers that expose buyers to all sorts of risks.

Protect your brand and consumers

Over one million customers have been affected by scam sellers on Amazon alone. Counterfeiters are not bound by safety and health regulations and have no concerns about the effects that these fake products have on consumers and businesses.

Red Points treats the problem as it is, a digital issue. Our technology is designed to protect your brand no matter where abusers might be.

We match data from machine-learning features to that of image recognition tech to identify all your assets online and quickly spot irregularities. With this, we’re able to maintain an average success rate of 96% of detections to removals across our database.

“Counterfeits of our products are not even vulcanized. They stink of chemicals and are a threat to our customers. Red Points helps our brand protect them. Their solution is both transparent and incredibly efficient.”

Adrienne McNicholas, Founder Partner at Food Huggers

Benefits of Red Points

  • 96% success rate of detections to removals
  • Multi-channel design protection
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required
  • 99% enforcement rate on over 30 top marketplaces
  • Automated process
  • Real-time results
  • 24/7 protection
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required.
Watch how Red Points helped David Trubridge protect his one of a kind designs and save thousands of dollars in the process.
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