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Brand Protection Lite

For rising brands & products


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    Brand Protection Full Plan

    For Brands with large portfolios

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      Channels Protection

      Marketplaces only

      Marketplaces, Social Media, social media platforms, apps, and websites 

      Platforms Covered

      Amazon & eBay

      All major marketplaces

      Monitoring Frequency

      Detect & monitor platforms 24/7 to find listings infringing your brand

      Detect & monitor platforms 24/7 to find listings infringing your brand

      Takedown Limits

      Includes first 3 search pages

      Unlimited takedowns

      Number of assets covered 

      1 Trademark

      Up to 10 trademarks

      Automation & AI

      Seller Lists & Image fingerprinting

      Seller Lists, Rule creations, Machine Learning & Image training

      Protection types included

      Counterfeiting, Brand Abuse, Copyright

      Counterfeiting, Brand Abuse, Copyright, Replica, Gray Market, Impersonation

      Follow up

      Platform pushbacks managed by you

      Platform pushbacks managed by Red Points


      Self-service set-up 

      Self-service set-up


      Access to standard dashboards with up-to-date results

      Access to standard and custom dashboards with up-to-date results 

      Support & Guidance

      General Customer Support

      Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Customer Support


      Brand Protection Lite

      What is the scope of coverage under the Red Points Lite Brand Protection plan?

      It’s important to clarify that the Red Points Lite plan primarily focuses on safeguarding your brand against counterfeit items that misuse your legitimate brand trademarks or copyrighted materials. While we excel in identifying and addressing instances of counterfeit goods, it’s important to note that the plan does not include the removal of legitimate products sold by unauthorized sellers.

      For comprehensive brand protection that covers a wider range of issues, including unauthorized seller management, we recommend exploring our Full Brand Protection Full plan that provide more extensive coverage tailored to your specific needs.

      How does Red Points help remove online infringements on marketplaces? 

      Red Points offers a marketplace protection service on Amazon & eBay specifically designed to combat infringing listings. Once you’ve submitted a valid trademark, our solution enables you to automatically detect, monitor, and remove intellectual property infringements.

      How long does it take to set up Red Points’ Amazon & eBay removal services?

      The setup process is quick and easy. Once your account has been approved, you can set up your profile and get started with Red Points’ Instagram removal service within minutes.

      Is Red Points’ Brand Protection Lite suitable for small businesses?

      Absolutely! Red Points’Brand Protection Lite tool is specifically designed to help small businesses protect their brand. We understand the unique challenges faced by smaller brands and offer a solution that is efficient, effective, and tailored to their needs.

      How does the monitoring feature work?

      Red Points’ monitoring feature continuously scans your brand on Amazon & eBay and detects listings & sellers attempting to infringe on your brand. You will easily see potential infringements detected in our platform, allowing you to take immediate action.

      What support options are available?

      If you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable support team is available to help you via email or through our customer support portal.

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