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Our protection services Expertise and technology

Your preferred  partner in brand protection and copyright protection.

Expertise and legal rigour

Our team of IT experts, lawyers and specialized agents supervise the entire process. We offer our expertise and knowledge in order to help you implement the best strategies and most efficient solutions against piracy.


Tailored solutions

Proprietary technology exclusively designed to combat online piracy. We automatise some processes so as to facilitate the management of a high volume of incidents.

A comprehensive process



We continuously monitor 24 hours a day, crawling the web for infringements of your online assets in: download sites, P2P networks, forums, social networks, cyberlockers, apps, e-commerce…


We record all the data from every infringement: details, graphic documentation, infringer’s identification, environmental data... and classify them so that the client can validate them in its website.


Real-time monitoring of infringements, indicators, reports…. In order to validate or discard these infringements, set alerts…


Our team of law experts pursue extrajudicial actions so as to mitigate the infringements validated by the client: notification delivery, ISPs contacts, de-indexing …

To protect yourself from piracy is to protect your brand:


Piracy diminishes the brand’s value and the client’s trust. Do not let that happen.


Diverting traffic and income to non-authorised channels reduces your income. Stop losing money.


Your partners are defenceless against piracy, since it devalues your licenses, sponsorships and distribution agreements.
Do not leave them alone


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