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Protect Your Brand on Amazon

Maximise your position on Amazon by automatically detecting and removing fake products. Red Points’ technology can scan the site for illegal copies and report repeat offenders.

Smart software that makes your Amazon management easy

Many brands experience pressure on the buy box and prices due to other sellers competing on listings. However, when these sellers use counterfeits this makes the competition unfair. These sellers buy cheap, fake products but capitalise on a brand’s investment in reputation and marketing.

Despite the Amazon Brand Registry system, preventing counterfeits appearing requires constant monitoring of each listing on each Amazon domain; this process is costly and time-consuming.

Red Points’ software can detect fake items on the seller list, document them and send a removal request to Amazon. The platform provides users with a well structured, easy-to-use case management system which automates the process of protecting your brand.

“We realised we could either spend our days and nights fighting the copies, or we could spend our days and nights trying to sell our product ”

Adrianne McNicholas, Founder Partner at Food Huggers.

Benefits of Red Points

  • State-of-the-art technology that protects your brand.
  • Eliminate unfair competition for the buy box.
  • Stop inferior fake products affecting reviews.
  • 96% of success rate from detections to removals.
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding.
  • No training required.
  • Cost effective and incredibly efficient.
  • Real-time data analysis filtered by date, assets, regions, sellers and others.
  • Manage your brand assets in an organized, task-based workflow.

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