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Keep Your Brand Safe on Apps

Red Points solution keeps your brand and customers protected across all app stores.

Smart tech that lets you focus resources

Pirated apps are a growing issue for brands; some imitate real brands to trick customers, other acts as discount marketplaces but sell cheap counterfeits. Additionally, public groups on messaging apps are increasingly being used to sell counterfeits.

Red Points’ software can detect these apps, document them and send them easy-to-personalise removal notifications. Our dedicated analysts can locate a report brand-specific messaging groups used to sell counterfeits.

Our machine-learning detection system is able to learn from the fake apps it has found and modify its search parameters based on successful cases. This technology, combined with our user-friendly dashboard, allows our clients to control their brand protection.

“We were surprised that counterfeits were being sold and promoted on the same channels we use for our own marketing.”

Tobias Kuhlmann, Director of PR & Marketing at Paul Hewitt

Benefits of Red Points

  • Automatic removal requests for each app store
  • User experience focused dashboard
  • Brand-dedicated analysist
  • Comprehensive search capability in multiple languages
  • 96% success rate of detections to removals.
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • Self-improving search facilities based on machine-learning
  • Gain valuable data insights into where your brand is unofficially popular

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