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Protect Your Brand Across Global Ecommerce Sites

Protect your brand globally, not just on Amazon with Red Points’ total ecommerce coverage. Our solution covers regionally significant ecommerce sites such as DhGate and MercadoLibre.

Let Red Points’ tech do the heavy lifting

Outwith the ecommerce giants of Amazon and Alibaba, there are hundreds of other relevant sites, such as DHGate or MercadoLibre. Protecting brands on these sites can be challenging and time-consuming as they are lesser known.

Red Points software uses programs designed specifically for each ecommerce site, so they never miss an infringement. This combined with our machine-learning technology, allows these programs to learn from detections and improve their own search parameters.

Red Points’ software is able to detect incidents, document them and send site-specific removal requests. The platform has an easy-to-use layout, that is based on a task workflow; this allows staff to easily understand and control the brand protection software.

“We’ve been with Red Points for two months and the results have been more than positive. Thanks to their help, we have been able to put an end to online counterfeiting of our brands. The Red Points team have allowed us to advance the protection of our digital activities.”

Anna Carbonell, Brand Protection Manager at Hawkers

Benefits of Red Points

  • Automatic removal requests to each site
  • Comprehensive search capability in multiple languages
  • Quick software onboarding timeline
  • User experience focused dashboard
  • 96% success rate of detections to removals.
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • Self-improving search facilities based on machine-learning
  • Gain valuable data insights into where your brand is unofficially popular

Learn more about our product

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