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Put An End to Rogue Websites

Protecting your brand from rogue websites that sell counterfeits is no small task. However, with Red Points’ tech brands can automatically detect and take action against these sites.

Smart tech that lets you focus resources

The term “rogue websites” refers to any site that looks to imitate your brand through Cyber/Typosquatting or those that simply sell counterfeits of your brand.

Finding these websites alone is an immense job, removing them can be even more arduous as many will not respond to cease and desist notifications. The combination of manual detection and fragmented case management can result in a loss of efficiency and high costs, both in time and resources.

Red Points’ software is able to detect these sites, document them and send them easy-to-personalise notifications. The platform uses a self-improving detection system and an easy-to-use case management dashboard.

“Red Points found 11 websites selling fake versions of our watches, they have saved us significant time and money, with a solution much more effective than our own efforts.”

Joe Spallone, IP Rights Manager at MVMT

Benefits of Red Points

  • Automatic C & D notifications with escalation alerts
  • User experience focused dashboard
  • Quick software onboarding timeline
  • Comprehensive search capability in multiple languages
  • 96% success rate of detections to removals.
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • Self-improving search facilities based on machine-learning
  • Gain valuable data insights into your brand’s black market appeal

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