Red Points Launches New Online Brand Protection Solution to Monitor and Optimise Businesses’ Distribution Networks

6th September 2018 – Red Points, the Barcelona-based online brand protection specialist, today launched a new Online Distributor Compliance (ODC) solution to help brands worldwide manage and optimise distribution agreements efficiently using technology. The new service enables businesses to proactively monitor online partner activities, harmonise distribution network and ultimately create more profitable relationships between product suppliers and distributors.

The expansion of Red Points’ brand protection portfolio represents a key milestone for the company. The move comes shortly after Red Points secured a total of $24M Series B funding in the past two years to further expand its brand protection capabilities. Using partner agreement information, the new ODC software detects and acts upon a distribution and price agreement “breakage” and provides real-time data to help suppliers evaluate the effectiveness of distributors’ day-to-day activity.

Commenting on the announcement, Laura Urquizu, CEO at Red Points, said: “We are very excited to launch our new Online Distributor Compliance solution. With online retailers and partners operating as extensions of brands, monitoring distributors activity and mapping the pricing of products to create more profitable relationships with distributors is essential”.

“However, negotiating with distributors can be tricky; understandably, product suppliers want to maximise their profits, add-ons and geographic spread, while distributors are looking for better margins, improved augmented services, fast logistics and brands that have received marketing investment”.

“And because not all distributor agreements are created equal and it is important to keep in mind the big picture when either evaluating an existing deal or making your business attractive to potential new resellers. That’s why our technology offers a personalised and easily scalable solution, ensuring that brands are no longer left in the dark when evaluating and negotiating distributor agreements.”

ODC is Red Points’ second brand protection solution, alongside the company’s world-leading IP infringement detection and removal system. The technology is available now

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