Webinar: Counterfeit Cosmetics in Ecommerce
Webinar: Counterfeit Cosmetics in Ecommerce

Prediction Series 2019: Interview with Baxter Denney, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Points


20 December 2018 Tell us about your journey into technology and how you arrived at Red Points?

My route into Marketing came through technology. I moved from a product-oriented role at my first company to a role on the marketing team helping launch our first marketing automation platform, Eloqua. That drove my interest in marketing measurement and operations and I’ve been in it ever since!

What opportunities and challenges did you and/or Red Points identify at the start of 2018 and have things gone according to the plan?

Red Points is a fast-growing technology company, so many of our opportunities are relating to scaling the business. In Marketing that means making sure our investments in demand generation, in technology, in events, in all of our programs and campaigns are efficient and generating the best returns possible.

As an online MarTech platform, how does Red Points build on its expertise to eliminate infringements?

At Red Points, we offer a unique cloud-based SaaS solution for IP infringement detection and removal. Our system looks for counterfeit products online on behalf of customers and automates the process of having any fake goods (and/or pirated content) removed. To do so, we use keyword monitoring and image recognition to identify clients IP assets online. We also apply learning tech to derive insights from clients’ enforcement history — suggesting new detection rules and validation opportunities, which decreases the amount of time analysts need to spend identifying infringements. In some instances, we can also automate removals to speed up enforcement procedures around brand protection.

What are your predictions on the “Role of CMOs” and the closing gap between Sales-Marketing functions?

The modern CMO sees himself as less of a ‘marketing’ person and more as a leader driving the overall go-to-market strategy for the business. This means they have to be super aligned with their sales counterparts and play a larger role in hitting revenue targets. The best CMOs teams are operating on two timelines simultaneously — delivering on the immediate needs of the business (qualified lead and opportunity targets) while working on ways to drive growth in future quarters (new channels, partnerships, brand positioning, competitive landscape, etc)

Do you think AI-as-a-Service and Experience-as-a-Service could be the new destination for MarTech companies?

Potentially, if these new technological trends are very customer focused.

How do you train your Marketing and Sales ops team to justify the use of Automation and Reporting tools? What feedback do you often get from this user-set?

We try to stay focused on a small set of aligned core metrics, vs having 1000 different reports. My goal is to keep most of our reporting in CRM so it can be easily shared with sales colleagues


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