Red Points at Global IP Exchange US 2018 in Atlanta


6th December 2018 – Red Points is participating in the biggest and best-known Intellectual Property event in the United States: the Global IP Exchange US 2018. This event will be hosted in one of the most populous cities in the United States, Atlanta. In excess of 100 attendees will participate in the event with representatives from well-known companies such as Volvo, Uber and New Balance.

Red Points’ will be represented by Joan Porta, VP of Customer Success, Daniel Shapiro, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Ben Sykora, Product Manager. Ben will give a 40-minute presentation titled: Beyond Counterfeiting: Addressing A Global Brand Protection Strategy.During the presentation, he will talk about the black market – specifically how to identify unknown threats in order to take action based on real data. His speech will also touch on the grey market and how to fight against fakes, brand impersonations, and scams. Lastly, his presentation will cover the white market, and how brands can engage with partners and distributors to avoid brand erosion. Feel free to join the presentation and ask the Red Points team any questions you might have, or come and visit our booth for a product demonstration!

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Laetitia Woue
PR Manager at Red Points
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Red Points is a global leader in brand and copyright protection that uses unmatched technology to defend international brands and online content owners against counterfeiting, digital piracy and distribution agreement breakage. Red Points is the preferred brand protection partner for prestigious global brands and content owners in the sporting, entertainment, fashion, editorial, design and luxury industries, providing unique services across the entire digital spectrum.

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