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It’s time to systematise your online brand protection. Give your business total digital protection through Red Points’ keyword monitoring and machine-learning detection, case management and removal software.

Everything you need to protect brands online

Protecting intellectual property online can be arduous work. Many IP professionals are overwhelmed by the volume of that devour their time and waste their expertise.

Red Points changes that by automating repetitive chores that are a drag on your time and productivity. Thanks to machine-learning technology, Red Points learns from your enforcement history and proposes new detection and mitigation rules that get rid of 96% of the all online threats to your brand.

All of this is provided in an easy-to-use, case management dashboard. The result is a more efficient and effective solution that can help IP professionals resolve infringements in a fraction of the time. The platform will also collate data on repeat infringers, meaning you can focus your efforts on quality work, where your knowledge and skills are most needed.

“What we worry about is our brand image and negative impacts on our reputation. Also, the fact that this was causing so much more work for customer service.”

Joe Spallone, Intellectual Property Rights Manager at MVMT

Benefits of Red Points

  • State-of-the-art technology that protects brands
  • 96% of success rate from detections to removals
  • 30+ top marketplaces with 99% enforcement rate
  • User-friendly case management feature with easy onboarding
  • Cost effective and incredibly efficient
  • Save all the data for litigations and actionable insights
  • If it’s online, we can find it. Detect infringements in a matter of seconds
  • Don’t let human error affect your brand. Never miss an infringement again
  • Real-time data analysis filtered by date, assets, regions, sellers and others
  • Manage your brand assets in an organised, task-based workflow
Watch how Red Points helped David Trubridge protect his one of a kind designs and save thousands of dollars in the process.
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