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Counterfeiters steal your sales and reputation. Red Points protects your brand and gets rid of unfair competition by detecting and removing fake products online in a matter of hours.

Protect your brand now before it's too late

The unprecedented growth of ecommerce has brought unique opportunities for both small and big brands. However, these opportunities come with higher risks, and this is why counterfeits now account for 5% of all goods imported into the EU.

Over one million customers have been affected by scam sellers on Amazon alone. The problem is digital; only technology can give you a lasting solution

Red Points’ technology was designed to protect your brand no matter where brand abusers might be. Our solution matches data from machine-learning features to image recognition to identify all your assets online, and quickly detect irregularities.

“My advice to other companies that are dealing with counterfeits: Don’t gloss over it. Red Points is helping us meet our long-term goals because they’re saving us money and time.”

Adam Moyer, Chief Executive Officer at Knockaround


Benefits of Red Points

  • State-of-the-art technology that protects your brand
  • Cost effective and incredibly efficient
  • 96% success rate of detections to removals
  • 30+ top marketplaces with 99% enforcement rate
  • Convert raw data on brand abuse into actionable business intelligence
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required
  • Manage your brand assets in an organized, task-based workflow
  • If it’s online, we can find it. Detect infringements in a matter of seconds
  • Eradicate human error, never miss an infringement again
  • Real-time data analysis filtered by date, assets, regions, sellers etc.
Watch how Knockaround used Red Points’ technology to fight counterfeiters and safeguard their products and customers.
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