Digital rights management software

Automatically find and remove software or entertainment logins that are being resold online

How it works


Detect infringers reselling credentials to access your products

Bot-powered search

Scan online marketplaces and social media accounts 24/7

Photo analysis

Identify more potential infringements and ensure accuracy

Self-improving detection

Get new search opportunities thanks to Machine Learning and digital rights management solutions


Get real evidence and report infringements

Test purchases

Run anonymous test purchases and verify how your products are being resold

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize which potential infringements require your attention

Visual cards

Review potential infringements in your DRM platform without missing any detail


Takedown and block activation keys that violate your rights

Automatic enforcement

Trigger takedown processes immediately. Remove effectively


Obtain metrics, and see the impact of your protection efforts

Data extraction

Export and use data to drive future brand protection actions

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What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management is an approach to protect copyrighted digital media in addition to traditional copyright law. Copyrighted works are protected through the use of DRM software technologies to prevent unauthorized copying, modification, or distribution. Essentially, it allows content creators and publishers to maintain control over what paying users can do with their material.

What is a rights management system?

With Red Points’ digital rights management software, you can protect your digital content. It automatically detects and removes software or entertainment logins that are being resold online. Through our technology-based solution, we apply bot-powered search that scans online marketplaces and social media accounts around the clock to find infringers who are reselling credentials. Through machine learning, the system continuously improves. Infringements are validated through anonymous test purchases, detailed reviews, and prioritization of risk levels.

What does digital rights management software do?

Red Points Digital Rights Management Software allows you to enforce illegitimate sales of your digital products in online marketplaces in order to protect your intellectual property. What we do includes helping brands remove listings reselling login credentials on marketplaces.

Is DRM needed?

From a business perspective, DRM keeps control of the distribution of digital assets and thereby protects sales and revenues. In other words, when you control how and by whom your content is being used, you make sure that people will keep paying you to get access to the content.

How is DRM used?

As DRM sometimes gets violated, managing your digital rights through specialized software is a great solution as it can detect and remove illegally offered credentials for ebooks.

Red Points offers a highly effective DRM software that can scale detection and removal through bot-powered search and machine learning across marketplaces and social media platforms.