Applying artificial intelligence in online brand protection

How technology is used to automate detection, validation and enforcement tasks in a cost-effective way.

AI, machine learning and deep learning are everywhere nowadays.

But can these technologies be applied to protect intellectual property online? How can they be brought to IP enforcement in real life?

Red Points has been applying machine-learning technology in features such as keyword monitoring and image recognition. They are great examples of how technology can improve the quality of the brand protection tasks, while decreasing costs over time.

The structure of the webinar

  • Why artificial intelligence is important, and why now.
  • The benefits of automation versus manual brand protection.
  • How machine-learning technology can “learn” from enforcement history.


The Speaker

Danae Vara

Director of Product at Red Points

Danae has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years defining, developing and managing digital products and R&D solutions. She is in charge of Red Point’s IP monitoring and enforcement platform, a cornerstone of the company’s solution against brand abuse which detects more than 200,000 IP infringements every month.
The Speaker

Conrado Lamas

VP of Communications at Red Points

Conrado has been working in communications and digital marketing for more than 10 years and is the head of Red Points' Comms Department. Red Points is a technology solution that detects and enforces more than 200,000 brand infringements every month for more than 300 clients.