Counterfeits on Amazon: What can brands do?

Marketplaces and governments promise to take action, but in the mean time companies' customers, reputation and sales are at stake.

Amazon and other online marketplaces opened pandora’s box of Chinese counterfeits. And now they don’t know what to do.

Wade Shepard is an itinerant author and journalist who has spent 30 years traveling around the world and visiting over 83 countries. In a series of articles about online counterfeiting, Wade has investigated and explained in detail how the problem affects consumers and brands.

Red Points has invited Wade to share his experience with counterfeiting and to talk about what businesses can do to protect their sales and reputation.

The structure of the webinar

  • The origins of counterfeits and why they are spreading like a virus.
  • Real examples of big and small brands that faced and overcame the issue.
  • The importance of taking action against counterfeits as soon as possible.
  • How technology can detect, validate and enforce intellectual property infringements over the web.


The Speaker

Wade Shepard

Author & journalist at Forbes

Wade is an itinerant journalist who has been moving through the world since 1999. He is the author of “Ghost Cities of China” which recounts the 2.5 years he spent in China’s sparsely populated new cities. His next book is about the revival of the Silk Road, and he has been on the road through China, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.