Fighting fake design furniture on ecommerce platforms

Do customers care about designers or brands? How new customers' buying habits favour copycat products.

Red Points has partnered with the Australian Furniture Association (AFA) to debate the problem of counterfeits and illegal replica products on ecommerce platforms, and consumer behaviour towards these products.

Are buyers of design items aware of the risk of fake and imitation items on ecommerce platforms?

A study conducted by Red Points found that 82% of design consumers on Amazon favour replicas over original products. Furthermore, most of them do not feel confident they can identify non-genuine products online.

These buying habits directly affect furniture brands. Both their reputation and consumer loyalty is potentially at stake.

The structure of the webinar

  • The most common evasion techniques used by counterfeiters.
  • What Amazon and other platforms have been doing to fight the problem.
  • Measures both big and small companies should take to protect their brand.
  • Litigation vs. enforcement, both their opportunities and limitations.


The Speaker

Patrizia Torelli

CEO at the Australian Furniture Association

Patrizia has been leading the Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) since 2013. The AFA is the top furnishing organisation representing Australian and international members, spanning national and global markets. AFA Members operate across all areas of the supply chain, including education and training, design, manufacturing and others.
The Speaker

Gus Hazel

Partner at James & Wells

Gus is one of New Zealand’s most experienced intellectual property lawyers and is responsible for the Auckland Litigation Team of James & Wells. His experience includes litigation at all levels of the New Zealand and Australian systems, alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and arbitration), commercialisation, regulatory issues and administrative law.
The Speaker

Conrado Lamas

Marketing & Communications Manager at Red Points

Red Points is a technology solution that detects and enforces more than 200,000 brand infringements every month for more than 300 clients. Red Points matches an advanced keyword monitoring system with image recognition to identify all your brand assets online and detect abuses in a matter of seconds.