Nailing your corporate brand with a visual hammer

Using the power of images to improve your verbal positioning and build a strong brand

Why did Nokia decline but Apple succeed?

Although there is no one single key to success, strong brands have something in common: rather than focusing only on the rational benefits of their products, they manage to create an emotional connection with consumers, thus leaving a much stronger impression in people’s minds.

These businesses know that in order to create an effective message, consumers not only need to be aware of them but also feel a deeper relationship with the brand.

That’s what leading brand consultant Laura Ries calls “visual hammering”: using the power of images to nail your “verbal” brand.

The structure of the webinar

  • How managerial vs. marketing see branding differently, and how to use the best of both mindsets
  • Real examples of how to implement a “visual” marketing plan successfully
  • Match your visual hammer with a killing battle cry
  • How to rewrite your marketing plan keeping the emotional power of visual in mind


The Speaker

Laura Ries

Branding Guru and Founder of Ries & Ries

Laura Ries is a leading marketing strategist, bestselling author, and television personality. In 1994, Laura founded Ries & Ries with her father and partner Al Ries, the legendary Positioning-pioneer. Laura is a frequent marketing analyst on major news programs on CNBC, CNN and Fox Business. Her book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, has been named one of the best marketing books of all time according to Advertising Age. She is frequently quoted by the Associated Press, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets.