A war on keywords: IP infringements & keyword cycles

Brand protection evasion techniques and how technology can monitor, predict and tackle them.

As online brand protection becomes more and more efficient, counterfeiters are changing their tactics to reach consumers. In this report, we investigate the evasion techniques adopted by counterfeiters.

Brands now use protection services which monitor products using their brand name and are able to identify fake products on e-commerce sites. This has become a problem for counterfeiters as they are having their product listings removed before they can sell a significant amount.

Using Red Points’ technology, we were able to track the lifecycle of keywords and uncover a range of tactics.

The structure of the webinar

  • How counterfeiters try to avoid keyword monitoring systems.
  • Real examples of how Red Points monitors, predicts and tackles these patterns.
  • Time cycles applied by counterfeiters and their implication in brand protection.


The Speaker

Daniel Shapiro

Strategic Partnership Director at Red Points

After working at Macy's and eBay, Daniel joined Red Points to lead the company's strategic partnership with ecommerce platforms, websites, IP firms and other stakeholders. Daniel was a Senior Manager of Brand Protection at eBay, where he lead international teams in the disruption of counterfeits worldwide.
The Speaker

Gordon McConnell

Data Journalist & Content Manager at Red Points

Gordon is the leading editor of Red Points' market reports, that focus counterfeits, piracy and other types of brand abuse. He is the author of the technical report Brand Protection Evasion Techniques, which is based in some of Red Points' real experience in anti-counterfeiting protection.
The Speaker

Conrado Lamas

VP of Communications at Red Points

Red Points is a technology solution that detects and enforces more than 200,000 brand infringements every month for more than 300 clients. Red Points matches an advanced keyword monitoring system with image recognition to identify all your brand assets online and detect abuses in a matter of seconds.