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The Challenge

Santa & Cole’s biggest challenge quickly became the speed of the market. The rapid growth of ecommerce combined with the brand’s global expansion made it very challenging to control their distributors’ prices worldwide. Following numerous complaints from customers who spotted price discrepancies online, Santa & Cole shifted from a reactive to a proactive approach to ensure sellers’ pricing consistency globally. However, to keep the situation under control, the company first needed to assess the full picture in order to avoid jeopardizing relationships with long term customers and distributors.

The Solution

Thanks to Red Points Seller Tracking platform, Santa & Cole was able to monitor and track the activity of online distributors in over 90 countries while gaining visibility into manufacturers and distributors that did not comply with the recommended selling agreement.

The Result

Santa & Cole has now gained clear visibility into the online activities of their global distributors. This has allowed them to build stronger relationships within their partner networks. Red Points’ customized Seller Tracking platform helps the team quickly and effectively send notifications to non-compliant online partners. Thanks to the data collected from the platform, Santa & Cole is now able to make strategic decisions while reducing price erosion within their network.

Santa & Cole has been creating lighting and furniture from Barcelona since 1985. Their modern, urban designs are versatile and add style to homes and workplaces.

Since the company was founded, more than eighty creators have contributed to a rich catalogue of furniture and lighting products with a constant focus on quality and detail.

Santa & Cole’s mission is to build, safeguard and disseminate knowledge through design objects, whose quality is recognizable at the touch of a hand.
Lighting Industry
Barcelona, Spain

Lighting Industry

“I would recommend Red Points to any company who wants to keep track of their prices around the world”

Marc Montenegro,
Sales Director at Santa & Cole


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