NFT Protection for your brand

Automatically detect and take down listings that infringe your brand with Red Points’ NFT Protection solution

Stop scammers from taking what's yours

Around 15,000 to 50,000 NFT sales happen each week. Unauthorized and fraudulent NFTs can affect your business in several ways:

Erode your brand

Using your trademark, brand name, and products without your approval

Infringe your copyright

Using your official images and creations without your authorization

Steal your revenue

Taking NFT sales away from your official NFT collections

"Anything that is digital or that can be digitalized, can be turned into an NFT."

Recover what’s rightfully yours

Red Points’ NFT Protection solution helps you stay one step ahead of infringers.

Detect every time someone is using your brand or copyright on NFT marketplaces without your authorization.

Take action right away.

How Red Points' NFT Protection works

Protect your brand from NFT infringements in 3 steps:



Monitor top global NFT marketplaces for fraudulent cases


Take action

Automatically take down infringing listings



Reveal NFT ecommerce trends and repeat infringers

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