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The ugly side of success

How cosmetics innovators Beauty Blender wiped fakes
off Facebook & Instagram



Infringing platforms and marketplaces


Counterfeit products found


Enforcement success rate

The challenge

Founded in 2002, Beautyblender has quickly become a household name in make-up. Following a period of fast growth started to discover people tagging their brand on posts featuring counterfeits of their products on social media. Most of the infringing listings appeared on the most famous social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, an issue currently facing cosmetics brands worldwide.

The solution

Beautyblender staff tried to fix the problem by themselves but soon realized that they could take down only a few infringements each day. They heard about Red Points and, without hesitation, got in touch to learn more. They needed a technical solution to stop all the Beautyblender counterfeits being found on social media, a service Red Points was happy to provide.

The result

Beautyblender has been using Red Points for over a year and more than 88,770 infringement cases have been detected — with a removal success rate of 98.3%. As Shelley Swallow explains, it wouldn’t have been possible to do this work with the support of Red Points’ technology.


Beautyblender was founded in 2002 by acclaimed Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. Soon after the launch of their first product, the brand became showered with awards, and Beautyblender has since become a mainstay feature of makeup kits of professionals and amateurs alike.

Cosmetics industry
Bethlehem, USA

Cosmetics Industry

“Red Points is an efficient, smart and transparent company: there’s no fees, there’s no back-and-forth.”

Shelley Swallow,
Director of Trademark & Copyright Compliance at Beautyblender

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