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Knocking counterfeits down

How Knockaround uses Red Points’ technology to eliminate fakes



Infringing platforms and marketplaces


Counterfeit products found


Brand protection effectiveness

The challenge

CEO Adam Moyer discovered the price of success when he started finding Knockaround counterfeits all over the internet. Determined to find the source of the problem, he traveled to China to go through their factories and decided to use legal means to protect the brand. Unfortunately, these measures proved to be insufficient while the number of counterfeits increased.

The solution

After detecting over 13,000 infringements online, Red Points contacted the Knockaround team with the answer to their problem. Our scalable, digital solution is able to not only automate counterfeit detection and removal, but also showed them the results through a web-based dashboard, making it easier for the team to validate infringements and keep track of removals.

The result

In less than a year of using our service, 98% of Knockaround infringements have been completely eliminated from online marketplaces, preventing more consumers to be misled into buying knockoffs. On one hand, our solution has stopped counterfeiters from profiting over Knockaround’s hard-earned work and on the other, it has prevented the brand from suffering a major blow to its reputation.


Inspired by his father’s worn-down sneakers, Ace Moyer decided to change the sunglass industry by offering affordable, yet long-lasting pairs to the public. The outcome? a successful brand that has since expanded into multiple frames, colors and different stylish accessories.

Fashion Industry
California, USA

Fashion Industry

“Red Points is helping us meet our long-term goals because they’re saving us money and they’re saving us time. I’m super grateful that we have them.”

Ed Rainey,
Vice President of Finance and Operations at Knockaround