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Grappling with counterfeits

How Tatami got counterfeiters to tap out by using a powerful automated solution


Infringing platforms and marketplaces


Counterfeits removed


Enforcement success rate

The challenge

Tatami was inundated with counterfeits across multiple sales channels, from dedicated websites to well-known online marketplaces. Counterfeiters were offering their products at 30% of the retail price and promoting the fakes on social media. Despite Tatami’s best efforts to remove these sites, counterfeiters were able to relaunch sites under new domains and repost items under new seller IDs.

The Solution

Red Points detected Tatami’s counterfeit products and reached out to them directly. The Tatami team were initially cautious, believing they would need the services of a lawyer to enforce their trademark and copyright. However, after trialling Red Points it became clear that the tech solution Red Points offered was able to cover their problems on social media and websites in a more comprehensive and cost-effective manner than any traditional law firm could.

The Result

Tatami has seen the removal of hundreds of trademark infringements. With their staff trained to use Red Points software, they are able to see the status of each infringement and number of incidents that occur each day. With Red Points Tatami is able to maintain its brand integrity and prevent counterfeits cheapening its brand value over time.

About Tatami Fightwear
Tatami was founded in Wales in 2009 by two martial artists, Gareth Dummer and Lee Jones. The company was created to address the problem of finding good-quality fightwear in Europe that didn’t cost an armbar and a leg.

The brand is now one of the most well-respected producers of martial arts clothing in the world. The company remains true to its goal of making martial arts accessible to all by working with young people in deprived areas of the UK and continuing to produce affordable, quality equipment.

Sportswear Industry
South Wales, UK

Sportswear Industry

“With working with you guys at Red Points, it just creates a clean shopping experience for the customer. The more work with you guys, the more these customers now know that, 98% of all Tatami products online now are legitimate products”

Gareth Dummer,
CEO at Tatami FIghtwear

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