Keeping the coast clear of fakes

How ethical accessory brand Pura Vida protected their customers and producers with brand protection


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The challenge

When Pura Vida started receiving comments from customers, telling them that there were fake products out there, they were left with no option but to fight the counterfeits. Revenue was being stolen by counterfeiters, and Pura Vida’s hard work was going to waste. Pura Vida then heard about Red Points through recommendations in their professional circle.

The Solution

Red Points’ Brand Protection solution enabled the company to replace costly lawyers with an easy to use platform. Red Points allows Pura Vida to detect, remove, and measure the extent of counterfeit products online. They can now manage any counterfeiting issues with ease. On top of that, anyone in their team can use it which removes the burden from just one person.

The Result

Since using Red Points, Pura Vida has managed to take down over 12,780 counterfeits which is equal to a value of over $1.9 million USD. Thanks to Red Points, they can now focus on scaling their online business, supporting the makers of their products, and spending more time on their long-term company goals. With counterfeits being taken care of, their customers are happier knowing that what they buy online is an authentic product.

About Pura Vida
From their humble beginnings selling Costa Rican bracelets in a Californian boutique, Pura Vida now supports over 800 artisan sellers through their movement. They’re now a worldwide company that offers a range of handcrafted bracelets that are ethically sold which provide jobs to artisan creators in third world countries. On top of this, they use their jewelry to raise money for other meaningful causes such as mental health awareness and saving the oceans.
Jewelry industry
California, USA

Jewelry industry

“Counterfeiters are just taking that hard work and effort and they’re just stealing it from you—they’re providing a bad experience to customers”

Paul Goodman,
Founder and CFO at Pura Vida

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