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No concealer for counterfeits

FARSÁLI removed more than 10,800 online counterfeits in the last year thanks to Red Points


Enforcements in the past year with Red Points


Enforcement success rate



The Challenge

As FARSÁLI grew in popularity, they found that their brand was being counterfeited online and that products were being copied and resold for extortionate prices. Going through these postings they found one by one and reporting them was impossible—and time is valuable when you’re managing a young, growing company. The rise in fake products was beginning to cause a problem for distributors and damaging the trust customers have in the company.

The Solution

Faced with so many fakes on the market, FARSÁLI had to get on top of the problem as soon as possible. FARSÁLI chose Red Points to help them take down counterfeiters as they wanted a tool that could crawl social media and online marketplaces—without FARSÁLI’s team having to search through every single product. Red Point’s self-improving search technology ticked this box.

The Result

Thanks to Red Points, FARSÁLI has now removed 87% of all counterfeiting infringements they’ve seen online. Red Points’ detection of fakes online, especially on social media, has helped FARSÁLI regain their distributors’ and customers’ trust once more. Now they can spend their time focusing on how to shake up the cosmetics market with their unique products.

The FARSÁLI story

FARSÁLI is the creation of Sal Ali who was inspired by his wife’s online shopping habits. He was surprised by how many beauty products she was buying—and he was confused as to why makeup and skincare can’t be one and the same. So he launched FARSÁLI to bridge this gap, to create products that don’t just look beautiful—but that are also healthy for the skin. 


Since Sal launched the company, FARSÁLI has gone from strength to strength. The products have become global phenomenons and have reached cult-like status in the beauty world. This boom came from a huge social media buzz as well as having been featured in some of the world’s biggest magazines and beauty publications. FARSÁLI’s products are great for the skin, look brilliant, and they’re ethically made. A far cry away from the fakes that have been found online.

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