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Agenda tu demo <https://info.redpoints.com/meetings/meet7>

Agenda tu demo <https://info.redpoints.com/meetings/meet7>

Bottling up counterfeits

Highwave have an outstanding brand reputation but counterfeits started to drive down their Amazon ratings.


Marketplaces found selling counterfeits


Infringing products removed


Success rate

The challenge

Counterfeiters were attached to Highwave’s Amazon listing and began spreading fakes across online channels. Contacting sites themselves proved ineffective.

The solution

Highwave were looking for a fast, cost-effective solution. They found that Red Points’ was able to find and remove counterfeits that would have been expensive to take down manually.

The result

Red Points has removed over 9,600 infringing products from more than 15 online platforms, with a successful takedown rate of 87%.


Highwave was founded in 1983 by Gary Ross. The Californian company patented the first travel mug with a lid, the stainless steel vacuum mug, and the travel mug for dogs.

The company has built a thriving business by creating products that make life easier while reducing their impact on the planet.

Kitchenware industry
California, USA

Kitchenware Industry

“Red Points helped us find a lot of infringers that we could have never even found on our own. They get the actual infringer and are able to talk on our behalf. It’s a life-saver, that we are grateful for”

Amy Mateo,
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Highwave


Remove Fakes


Online Reputation


Protect Customers

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