Bottling up counterfeits

Highwave have an outstanding brand reputation but counterfeits started to drive down their Amazon ratings.


Marketplaces found selling counterfeits


Infringing products removed


Success rate

The challenge

Counterfeiters were attached to Highwave’s Amazon listing and began spreading fakes across online channels. Contacting sites themselves proved ineffective.

The solution

Highwave were looking for a fast, cost-effective solution. They found that Red Points’ was able to find and remove counterfeits that would have been expensive to take down manually.

The result

Red Points has removed over 10,100 infringing products from more than 700 online platforms, with a successful takedown rate of 93.2%.


Highwave was founded in 1983 by Gary Ross. The Californian company patented the first travel mug with a lid, the stainless steel vacuum mug, and the travel mug for dogs.

The company has built a thriving business by creating products that make life easier while reducing their impact on the planet.
Kitchenware industry
California, USA

Kitchenware Industry

“Red Points helped us find a lot of infringers that we could have never even found on our own. They get the actual infringer and are able to talk on our behalf. It’s a life-saver, that we are grateful for”

Amy Mateo,
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Highwave

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The Highwave story

It all started with a love of the ocean. Founded by surfer and conservationist Gary Ross, each product at Highwave is born from a desire to take care of the environment. To that end, the company offers eco-friendly coffee cup lids, travel mugs, and even travel mugs for dogs which helps keep them safe from pathogens found in public water bowls.

A reputation in danger

Unfortunately, their customers weren’t their only fans. Fake sellers started noticing Highwave’s products were going viral and began duping customers into buying cheap knock-offs. The inferior products caused many complaints and these got attached to Highwave’s official Amazon page. Even though they had nothing to do with the fakes, they were weathering the impact.

Widespread fakes on social media

In addition to the big online marketplaces, social media became a huge problem. Red Points have found nearly 2,000 infringements for Highwave just on social media.
In many of these cases, a social profile could be linked to a third-party ecommerce page hidden from the typical shopper. With the viral nature of their products, it was important to reclaim their space in social media.

Red Points’ automated solution

The counterfeit sellers that a company comes in contact with are often just the tip of the iceberg. With layers of technology, Red Points can illuminate counterfeit sellers that a brand may not be aware of. Self-improving search algorithms can scan entire marketplaces, ecommerce sites, and social media pages, every day. In an easy-to-use dashboard, users can review flagged sites and set rules for what triggers automatic enforcement. Red Points’ automated platform does the heavy lifting in the fight against counterfeits. For Highwave, that means they can spend more time innovating new products instead of playing whack-a-mole with counterfeiters.


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