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Automatically find and remove trademark infringement with Red Points’ online trademark monitoring service

Why is trademark monitoring important for brands?

As a trademark holder, safeguarding your brand from bad actors is of utmost importance for several reasons:

Protect your brand reputation

Trademark monitoring service ensures that your brand's reputation remains untarnished by preventing others from using your trademarks without permission.

Mitigate revenue loss

Unauthorized sellers, gray market goods, and pricing violations can lead to substantial revenue losses.

Streamline enforcement

Enforcing trademark infringements manually can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Automating many aspects of the process with trademark watch software can make it more efficient and cost-effective.

Techniques used to infringe your trademark

Bad actors can infringe your trademark using a wide range of deceptive techniques:

Trademark Infringement

Scammers register trademarks that sound or look similar to your brand's registered trademarks. These imitation trademarks can be used on products, packaging, or in advertising materials to deceive consumers into buying their products, thinking they're genuine.

Counterfeit products

Counterfeit goods can be sold through various channels, including online marketplaces, unauthorized retail stores, and even on social media platforms, misleading unsuspecting customers and causing substantial financial harm to your brand.

Phishing and spoofing

Imitators often create fake websites or social media profiles that closely mimic your brand's online presence. These deceptive platforms are used to steal sensitive customer information, spread malware, or redirect potential customers away from your legitimate channels.

Safeguard your trademarks with the most advanced trademark infringement software

This is how we identify and report trademark infringement:

Identify potential trademark infringements through the continuous bot-powered search of our trademark watch service

  • Bot-powered search
    Red points’ trademark watch software scans marketplaces and ecommerce sites to identify trademark infringements 24/7
  • Image recognition
    To analyze listings’ photos and identify potential trademark infringement faster
  • Machine learning
    To automatically add new keywords and improve future detections based on your enforcement history
  • Analysis team
    To ensure effectiveness, identify trends, and detect new sources

Validate infringements manually or set up automation rules that confirm trademark infringements for you in our trademark monitoring software

  • Automation rules
    For detections that do not need human validation, get the enforcement process started automatically
  • Visual cards
    Go through the incidents that require your attention to confirm, discard, or pause them right away
  • Bulk Actions
    Increase your efficiency and detect new automation opportunities by taking action in group
  • High-risk items
    Highlight the most relevant infringements and prioritize where you prefer us to act first

Leverage automation to instantly start the trademark enforcement process using our trademark monitoring and notification software

  • Automation enforcement
    Use Red Points’ automated workflows to complete takedown processes as quickly as possible
  • Enforcement team
    Our dedicated enforcement team deals with the most complex situations to ensure all out-of-court possible measures are taken
  • Listing monitoring
    We monitor every enforced listing to make sure that what is taken down, stays down
  • Collaboration and partnerships
    Leverage Red Points’ relationships with the most relevant platforms to maximize takedown speed and success rate

See the impact of your trademark protection efforts through dashboards and reports

  • Performance dashboards
    Check-in one quick view key results, and obtain relevant insights that help you make effective legal decisions
  • Economic Impact report
    Share the outcome of your brand protection efforts with all your teams and stakeholders
  • Data export
    Use data in a way that suits you best. Export it in CSV or connect your API directly
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Why choose Red Points’ Trademark Monitoring Software

Red Points' Trademark Infringement Software is the top choice for over 1,300 leading brands to protect their trademarks online. Here's why

Widest coverage

Our Trademark Monitoring Software cast a wide net, ensuring that we identify and address unauthorized trademark usage, phishing attempts, and fake websites across a multitude of platforms and domains.

Guaranteed transparent ROI

Red Points provides guaranteed transparency in ROI, allowing you to track the tangible benefits of our Trademark Monitoring Software.

Live Reporting

Our trademark watch service delivers real-time, accessible custom dashboards, deep seller insights, comprehensive data access with export capabilities, and a robust API for seamless tool integration, enhancing overall efficiency and analysis.

Where our trademark watch software protects your trademark


Detect, validate and remove infringing listings automatically in thousands of marketplaces.

Social Media

Take down fake accounts and posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more.


Find stand-alone sites hurting your brand and take them down with our unique approach.


Detect and claim domains using your trademark to divert traffic from your official channels.

“We see Red Points as an extension of our in-house counsel team, and we feel in safe hands”


Enforcement success rate

Nicole Klug
Global Brand Protection Manager at Hugo Boss

“It’s the speed and the volume, and the ability to attack hundreds of listings at once – I think that’s the biggest advantage”


Estimated ROI

Francis Costello,
COO at 100%

“We tried to handle the situation internally, with the support of external law firms around the world, but because of the high number of fakes, it was impossible and very expensive for us to continue in that way.”


Listings removed

Marta Benedetto,
General Manager at FILA Italy

"They provide us with a really useful portal to use and a great team to support our day-to-day business… And, most importantly, they have the most cutting-edge technology in the market.”


In counterfeits removed

Wei Zhang,
Senior Counsel Brand Protection at PUMA

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Take down fake websites

Red Point’s domain takedown service automatically finds and removes spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand

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Take down fake social media accounts

Get unlimited takedowns of fake accounts and profiles with Red Points’ social media protection software

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Remove unauthorized ads on search engines

Automatically find and take down fraudulent ads on top global search engines targeting your brand in 240+ countries and territories

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Protect your brand on marketplaces

Detect, validate and remove trademark infringing listings in 5000+ marketplaces with Red Points' marketplace solution

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Our official partnerships and certifications

As a leading industry reporter, with over 4.6M enforcements per year in top platforms, we are official partners and have certifications with: 

Google's Trusted Copyright Removal program

Youtube-Certified Multi-Channel Network


Why should I use trademark monitoring services?

Trademark monitoring service is a critical proactive measure that not only safeguards your brand’s image, but also may save your brand hundreds of thousands of dollars in infringement lawsuits.

Why is trademark monitoring software important?

No matter how big or small your company is, your trademark could be infringed upon and used on counterfeit products if you don’t monitor it. Every day, it’s becoming easier for these products to be sold as more shoppers buy online than ever before. This represents a growing threat your brand needs to be prepared to face.

How do I monitor my trademark?

A trademark monitoring software can cover every base your brand needs to protect against infringements. Red Points’ trademark watch software monitors the web 24/7 so that infringements can be detected and removed as soon as they emerge. As a result, you don’t have to worry about initiating the process and wading through complicated paperwork while the counterfeit continues to sell.

What is a trademark watch service?

Trademark watch services monitor the internet for trademark infringement and alert brands when there is a possible threat. You can get a trademark watch service provided by an individual or company, such as a lawyer or software that automatically searches the web for your brand.

As trademark monitoring and notification software can track numerous sites around the world at all times, it is more efficient and effective (both in terms of time and money) than hiring employees to scan for these infringements.

How do you protect yourself from trademark infringement?

Your brand won’t be automatically protected just because you register your trademark. You will still have to keep a close eye online in order to monitor any possible misuse of your trademark. You can do this manually or with the help of trademark infringement monitoring services, like Red Points.

A good trademark monitoring service utilizes technology to detect potential trademark infringements on a 24/7 basis. With trademark protection services like Red Points, the removal process can be started as soon as a trademark infringement has been detected. This addresses the infringement quickly and gets to the root of the problem, so you won’t be left playing trademark infringement whack-a-mole with counterfeiters who come back faster than you can address them on your own.

What can you expect from a trademark watch service?

When you work with Red Points’ trademark infringement software, you aren’t just working with another automated trademark watch service. We understand that every brand has unique challenges, especially when it comes to trademark monitoring and tracking. It can be tricky to know where to allocate your resources to best protect your brand from these infringements, but our team can help.  

At Red Points, our team of experts is eager to work with your brand to ensure that your trademark protection needs are being met. You don’t have to worry about being left alone to figure out how to use our trademark watch services or the many features it includes. 

Not only will you have access to our best-in-class trademark protection services and monitoring technology, but you will also have a team of real humans to help you with any challenges that arise. We provide regular reports so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your trademark investigation, and work with you to address new threats that appear in the market. 

Working with Red Points means you’ll have high-tech trademark monitoring software protecting your brand alongside a team of industry experts eager to assist you.

What do our Trademark watch service include?

Red Points is among the top trademark protection services in the industry because of our expansive, adaptable approach. Scams within the ecommerce world continue to evolve and grow more difficult for brands to identify, so our trademark watch software uses various strategies to identify infringements.

Our trademark watch services scour the web for offenders to get to the root of the problem. We carry out global investigations and surveillance to discover possible online counterfeit networks and shut down the biggest offenders targeting your brand.

Also included in Red Points’ trademark monitoring service are essential reports with tailor-made research, data-gathering, and analysis to inform your overall brand protection efforts.

Why do you need a Trademark watch service?

Filing a trademark for your intellectual property does not automatically ensure that it will be protected. Scammers can still easily copy your trademark and use it to defraud your customers and steal your revenue.

No matter what size business you are running, you can’t afford to ignore trademark infringements.  With the growing number of scammers on social media and ecommerce platforms, every brand is at risk of becoming the target of infringements. 

These infringements pose a great threat to your business revenue, the safety of your customers, and the reputation of your brand. 

Ignoring trademark infringements allows scammers to continue easily stealing your revenue and ruining your reputation as your customers are taken advantage of. Investing in trademark infringement monitoring services will help you take back your revenue and protect your customers.

What are the risks associated with company name trademark infringement?

1. Dilution of brand’s identity

When your business name is no longer unique enough for consumers to associate it with your business, its brand identity can be diluted as it loses its distinguishability and edge among others in the market.

2. Effects on brand reputation

If bad actors use your brand name to sell counterfeits of your products or to trick customers into giving personal information, making them victims of phishing, this will have a direct impact on your brand’s reputation.

3. Revenue loss

Business name trademark infringement may affect your revenue in a number of ways: when a competitor uses your company name and corresponding reputation, sales are diverted from you, and profit is lost. Litigation can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in severe cases. So, it is essential to use trademark protection solutions to save both the revenue and your brand’s reputation. 

If bad actors filed bad faith trademarks similar to yours in the same category, potentially jeopardizing its registration, you may be forced to change the name of the business, rebranding completely, destroying stock, paying damages, and legal fees. This was the case of Target when they tried to file their brand ‘All Go’ (now ‘All in Motion’) and found out that there was an existing fraudulent trademark about to be registered in the same category, costing them $17 Million in revenue.

How much will it cost if I file a trademark infringement case against someone who uses my business name?

Trademark infringement lawsuits can cost approximately $200,000 to $800,000 on average, depending on the complexity of the case. Lawyer’s fees comprise a bulk of this amount, especially since most lawyers charge per hour. Apart from attorney’s fees, this amount also includes filing fees and other litigation expenses.

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