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Common domain infringements

Cybersquatting cases have increased 11% globally in recent years. In most cases, scammers register variations of your domains for a variety of reasons:

Mimic your official website and mislead users

Steal users personal and financial information

Sell counterfeit copies of your products

Stop cybersquatters from hurting your brand

Your domain name is the center of your web presence. Without proper domain protection, any successful business can face significant risks like:

Profit loss

Fall in sales from your website as infringing domains divert business

Loss of search visibility

Traffic diverted away from your official site due to infringing domains

Damaged reputation

Distorted user perception and consumers’ health & safety put at risk

How Red Points works

Red Points helps brands control and enforce their domain portfolio in 3 main steps:


Discover registered domains using your trademark

  • Brand audit: obtain a historical list of all the infringing domains
  • Brand monitoring: Find and document all the new registered infringing domains


Implement resolution processes to cancel or recover domains

  • Enforcement requests: Notify domain owners infringing your IP rights
  • Complaints submission: Suspend or retrieve your domain name by submitting complaints to relevant institutions


Identify domain portfolio gaps and prevent future attacks

  • Portfolio analysis: Get the full picture of your domain portfolio and make strategic decisions
  • Acquire & register: Based on territorial administrative procedures and mediation process

Benefits of protecting your domain

By proactively detecting and removing infringing domains you can drive positive results to your business

Recover domains

Reclaim your lost or stolen domain names

Safeguard consumers

Stop scammers from deceiving customers

Stronger reputation

Restore consumer trust and brand integrity

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