Social Video Growth

Protect your video identity and boost your profits on platforms like YouTube or Facebook

Red Points is a Multi-Channel Network


Control, claim and make money from your content on YouTube and Facebook

Content ID management

Control and protect your content worldwide with our certified team

Monetize or Block

Decide if you want to block or monetize the third-party content

Revenue distribution

Distribute your ads income through our financial department


Renew your channel, make fresh videos and collaborate with creators

Video Search Engine Optimization

Become more visible on the YouTube search engine.

Content Strategy

Create trendy, dynamic videos to expand your audience.

Collaborations with creators and enterprises

Our client portfolio will grow your channel’s views and revenue


Analyze, track and fully understand your social video impact

Weekly summary

Receive channel performance breakdown right to your inbox

In-depth reports

Get a detailed monthly analysis of your channel’s current performance situation

Actionable guidelines

An Account Manager will give you advice based on your audience

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