What our customers say

1,300+ companies trust Red Points to protect their brands and customers

“We’d recommend Red Points to any brand that wants to protect their customers and reputation online.”

Incidents Solved: 2500

Total number of infringing platforms: 73




Who can use Red Points?

Red Points’ services can be used by professionals looking to adopt a technological solution to fight counterfeiting, piracy, identity theft and fraudulent online distribution.

What do I need to start using Red Points?

Depending on the type of protection you require, you’ll need to provide relevant documentation such as trademarks, patents or original pictures.

What type of companies does Red Points work with?

Red Points protects brands of all sizes across a large number of industries. From one of the top phone, computer and electronics manufacturers in the world, to some of the most popular sports clubs, 1,200 large and smaller brands said good-bye to manual work and costly service providers and embraced Red Points.

Some of the industries Red Points’ clients represent are: cosmetics, food & beverage, fashion, electronics, sports, entertainment, software, healthcare, automotive, or finance, among many others.

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