Protecting B2B brands from rampant brand abuse

Discover how Topcon's collaboration with Red Points led to the successful removal of $22 million worth of online counterfeits.


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The Challenge

Topcon, a global B2B company serving professional entities, faced significant challenges when counterfeit versions of their products broadly emerged in ecommerce globally. With the rapid growth of ecommerce, counterfeiters exploited their brand, leading to an increasing presence of fake products in the market. This situation demanded immediate action against the growing threat of counterfeiting. 

The Solution

Topcon previously dealt with counterfeits internally and with assistance from local investigation firms, but it proved inefficient, causing delays and increased workload. Red Points offered an advanced brand protection solution using AI-driven detection and enforcement rules. This streamlined Topcon’s efforts, automatically addressing over 50% of new infringements, setting Red Points apart from other solutions.

The Result

Topcon’s implementation of Red Points’ brand protection solution achieved remarkable results, eliminating on average between 300 to 500 infringements per month with an 89.4% success rate. The estimated value of these infringements reached $22,018,052, reinforcing Topcon’s commitment to genuine products and deterring counterfeiters, creating a safer marketplace for customers.


Topcon Corporation is a global leader in professional precision measurement solutions including surveying geospatial instruments and ophthalmic medical equipment. Topcon remains at the forefront of precision measurement solutions.
Established in 1932 in Tokyo, Japan, Topcon provides advanced technology of precision optics and opto-mechatronics for industries such as surveying, construction, agriculture, and healthcare. With a focus on innovation, Topcon develops cutting-edge instruments, software, and devices that enhance productivity and accuracy for users. Their product range includes surveying instruments, positioning systems, imaging systems, machine control systems, and eye care solutions. As an award-winning digital transformation (DX) company Topcon is committed to improving quality of life and driving industry advancements.
Industrial products
Tokyo, Japan

"I highly recommend Red Points to other B2B brands without hesitation. Red Points has proven to be immensely valuable in our efforts to combat counterfeit products and ensure the safety of our customers and distributors."


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Satoru Ishiguro,
Head of IP Division at Topcon

Data-driven insights and proactive measures

After the successful implementation of Red Points’ Brand Protection solution, Topcon established a robust monitoring system to track and analyze the effectiveness of the solution. Regular reports and data analysis provided valuable insights into the evolving counterfeit landscape, allowing Topcon to adapt its brand protection strategies accordingly. By closely monitoring key metrics and trends, Topcon remained proactive in addressing emerging threats and staying one step ahead of counterfeiters.

Maximizing efficiency through KPI tracking

Topcon closely monitors essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and enhance their collaboration with Red Points. The primary KPIs they focus on include the number of validated incidents per week, Enforcement Success rate, and Automatic Confirmation rate. These indicators enable them to showcase Red Points’ swift and effective elimination of counterfeit sales while maintaining high accuracy and reducing labor costs. Setting ambitious targets for each value, Topcon regularly tracks its progress, highlighting the significant advancements made towards its ultimate goal of eradicating counterfeit goods from the market.

Enhancing customer trust and loyalty

Topcon achieved more than just eliminating counterfeits through its collaboration with Red Points. Topcon increased customer trust and loyalty by protecting its brand and ensuring the authenticity of its products. Customers can buy Topcon products with confidence, knowing they are getting genuine, high-quality items. This increased trust fosters stronger customer relationships, which leads to increased satisfaction and repeat business. Topcon’s investment in brand protection has not only protected its revenue streams but also reinforced its reputation as a reliable provider of precision measurement and geospatial solutions, cementing its position as an industry leader.