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Based in New York, Barcelona, Salt Lake City and Beijing, Red Points is the fastest-growing brand protection company in the world

Red Points is the most widely used solution to protect brands online.

Over 900 companies rely on our platform to fight counterfeits, piracy, impersonation, and distribution abuse. They leverage Red Points to improve their brand value and to increase revenues.

With 270+ professionals and offices in New York, Barcelona, Beijing, and Salt Lake City, Red Points has disrupted an industry traditionally led by service providers with a scalable, cost-effective solution.

Be part of the change: join us on our mission to make the Internet a safer place!

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Laura has held executive positions in consulting, banking and venture capital. She played an important role in building the Spanish tech eco-system. She was the director of Eurecan, one of the first venture capital firms in Spain to invest in tech start ups, and has held positions on the board of more than 15 tech start ups.

Laura joined Red Points in 2014 and has grown sales and clients exponentially. Under her leadership, the team has surged from 10 to over 200 people.

Laura Urquizu

CEO & Chairperson

Javier is an international executive with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry with experience in Services, sales, marketing, and strategy.

As CRO, Javier is responsible for all revenue generation processes and building integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including marketing, sales, customer relationship management, and operations.

Javier Moreira

Chief Revenue Officer

With over twenty years’ experience in software development, Juan Galdeano is designing and implementing the fast-moving Red Points technology.

Under his leadership, the Technology Team aim to deliver the best online brand protection technology in the market.

Juan Galdeano

Chief Technology Officer

David has over 10 years’ experience leading top-class teams from Engineering, Product Management and Innovation areas in high-demanding technology companies delivering critical solutions worldwide.

He leads the Product team with the resolute objective of bringing Red Points’ products to the next level, by constantly offering the best-in-class solutions to efficiently solve all our customer brand protection needs.

David Alcoba

Chief Product Officer

Sergi has led marketing teams at SaaS and technology companies for the past 10 years. He’s in charge of aligning the company portfolio with the market, elevating the Red Points brand, and driving demand.

Sergi leads the Marketing department, which groups Growth, Product Marketing, Market Research, Communications, and Brand.

Sergi Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years’ experience across different areas of law, Carolina is currently leading both the legal and HR department at Red Points.

Her core focus is to drive the growth of the company by overseeing the employee retention and recruitment strategy.

Carolina Rosich

Chief Legal Officer & Head of HR

Wesley is a Sales Leader with 8+ years of SaaS experience. Wesley has expertise in building, scaling, and leading high performing Business Development and Sales teams at hyper-growth technology companies.

As Head of Sales, Wesley is responsible for the Business Development and Sales revenue & strategy, for the North American region.

Wesley Ulysse

VP of Sales, North America

Helena has over 10 years’ experience leading and scaling Customer Success and Operations’ teams in SaaS early-stage businesses, including companies like Olapic, Flixmedia and Usablenet.

She heads Red Points’ Customer Success team, with a strong focus on putting the right foundations and capabilities to scale, ensuring optimal retention of our clients and fueling high-growth through upselling and advocacy.

Helena Salsas

Global VP of Customer Success

Jordi has 30 years of experience in various financial and management fields, growing personally and consolidating projects.
He leads the operational financial team, with special emphasis on generating valuable financial information internally and externally.

Jordi Alie Capdevila

VP of Finance

After working at Macy’s and eBay, Daniel joined Red Points to lead the company’s strategic partnership with ecommerce platforms, websites, IP firms and other stakeholders. Daniel was a Senior Manager of Brand Protection at eBay, where he led international teams in the disruption of counterfeits worldwide.

Daniel Shapiro

VP of Brand Relationships

Kike is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in highly critical technology projects in different operational areas, from delivery and messaging systems, to government platforms or e-commerce.

Motivated by his passion about technology, Kike leads development teams to define and implement the fastest, efficient, scalable and automatable possible technical solution, always trying to keep it at the breaking-edge of technology.

Kike Castello Hernandez

VP of IT

Francesc has over 8 years’ experience driving top and bottom-line growth in SaaS companies, with a data-driven approach. 

He heads the Growth Marketing team, with a focus on generating demand to drive business and ensure the company’s expansion in the United States and EMEA.

Françesc Albiol

VP of Growth

Arantza builds and develops high-performance teams. She has come to Red Points from Verse Technologies in Barcelona and previously PWC in Luxembourg and New York.

She currently leads the team responsible for implementation of Red Points’ new and innovative brand protection solutions.

Arantza Loza

VP of Operations

Joan is an Intellectual Property lawyer with 8+ years of experience working with brands against digital violations.

As one of Red Points first employees, Joan has helped build up our brand protection solutions and our Customer Success team that he lead for 5 years. In 2018, Joan moved to New York to open and expand our operations in the US.

Joan Porta

VP of Customer Success


What’s Red Points?

Red Points is a software company that assists businesses with removing counterfeit products, deleting impersonating profiles and websites, eliminating online piracy, claiming/monetizing content rights, stopping credential reselling, and monitoring sellers automatically to provide companies full visibility into their online presence.

How does Red Points work?

Red Points’ platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect and remove IP infringements online 24/7. Through automation rules or just one click on a validation card, our technology can enforce intellectual property rights and remove issues from global online marketplaces, social media networks, websites and other online channels.

For counterfeiting, visit our ROI calculator to discover how much revenue you could gain back from counterfeiters by using Red Point’s software.

How do I contact Red Points?

Visit our contact page to send your questions to the relevant department. 

What makes Red Points’ platform different?

Red Points is the fastest-growing brand protection software in the market, with over 40 brands joining us every month, and the most widely used. That is because we offer a unique service that differentiates us from competitors.

Red Points eliminates expensive hourly lawyer or analyst fees by offering advanced 24/7 AI technology that doesn’t sleep – all at a flat fee. Benefit from our team of experts advising over 900 brands across all industries.

How much does Red Points cost?

Choose one of our plans based on your business’ needs and the type of protection required.

For more information, schedule a meeting with a brand protection specialist now. 

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