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Track and enforce copyright infringement on websites, social media and marketplaces with Red Points’ DMCA takedown service

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How DMCA takedown works


Rapidly detect copyright abuse anywhere online

Source detection

Our software identifies and updates sources of piracy daily

Bot-powered search

Detect copyright infringement on websites, social media, marketplaces, and video apps.

Self-improving copyright infringement detection

Machine learning uses your detection history to add new search rules

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Automatically send DMCA takedown requests

Automation rules

DMCA takedown notices are sent instantly using automation rules

Removal follow-up

Our DMCA takedown experts pursue out-of-court actions to stop further violations

YouTube expertise

As a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we provide expert copyright infringement detection and protection for your videos and channels.

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Detect and track down copyright abuse at the source

Real-time reports

See detailed search results in the platform right after they are found

Performance dashboards

Quickly understand your intellectual property protection coverage

Customized reports

Measure the business impact of our DMCA takedown service with tailor-made reports


Where we protect your brand


Detect, validate and remove infringing listings automatically in thousands of marketplaces

Social Media

Take down fake accounts and posts using your copyright on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more


Find stand-alone sites hurting your brand and take them down with our unique approach


Detect and claim domains using your trademark to divert traffic from your official channels

Anti Piracy product guide

The Red Points Anti-Piracy product guide will show you just how our solution can greatly improve your brand’s anti-piracy efforts.

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What is DMCA violation?

DMCA violation occurs when someone is using your copyright material without permission. While copyrights ensure you legally own your brand’s unique product designs and content, these licenses don’t actively protect your content from being stolen. When you find your copyrights being infringed upon, using a DMCA takedown service as fast as possible is essential to protect your brand.

What’s a DMCA takedown?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA notice, also known as DMCA request or DMCA takedown notice, informs an individual, website owner, or internet service provider that they are hosting or linking to content that infringes on someone else’s copyright. 

The party that ends up receiving the DMCA notice is required to take down the entire website or the infringed content as soon as possible. 

The DMCA covers all kinds of copyrighted content that can be infringed on the internet, which can include:

  • Written content
  • Audio files like music 
  • Videos 
  • Pictures posted on websites or social media pages 
  • Software 
  • Artwork

You can either send DMCA notices on your own or use a DMCA takedown service like Red Points to automate the entire process.

How does DMCA takedown work?

Submitting a DMCA takedown request refers to the process of formally reporting an infringement online. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was the legislative solution put into effect in 2000, when existing copyright laws proved insufficient in the new digital era. The DMCA made several updates to copyright law and provided a system copyright owners could use to report infringements online.

What’s a DMCA takedown service?

A DMCA takedown service is one that helps you automatically send DMCA notices to any website owner that is infringing on your copyright. While there is a manual way to file for DMCA notices, it can be incredibly frustrating to keep track of all the notices and paperwork, especially if you have to routinely send notices to infringers. 

Not only do you have to fill each notice with the required information, but you also need to manage responses from the website owners or website hosting providers. In some cases, you may even be required to provide additional information. 

With a DMCA takedown service, it becomes possible to automate the entire process from start to end. 

Red Points is a DMCA takedown service that can track and enforce copyright infringement on different websites, marketplaces, and even social media platforms.

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