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Why are DMCA takedown services important for brands?

DMCA takedown services are essential for brands for several reasons:

Prevent brand dilution

DMCA takedown services help brands identify and address copyright infringement swiftly

Protect your brand reputation

Automatic DMCA takedown service helps you prevent your brand from being associated with undesirable or harmful materials

Streamline enforcement

Enforcing Intellectual Property rights manually can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Automating many aspects of the process with DMCA takedown service can make it more efficient and cost-effective

Techniques used to infringe on brands' copyrights

Content piracy

Content pirates copy and distribute copyrighted materials, such as videos, music, e-books, or software, without authorization

Unauthorized use of brand logos and designs

Misuse of your brand's logos, design elements, or trademarks can dilute your brand identity and confuse customers. Unauthorized third parties may use these elements to create misleading marketing materials

Online streaming and broadcasts

Unauthorized live streaming or broadcasts of events, sports matches, concerts, or webinars can infringe on copyrights held by event organizers, content creators, or broadcasters

Safeguard your copyrights with advanced DMCA takedown services and IP experts

This is how we are able to automatically detect copyright violations and submit DMCA takedown notices:

Rapidly detect and monitor copyright abuse anywhere online with automatic DMCA takedown service

  • Bot-powered search
    Scan online channels to identify and monitor copyright infringements 24/7
  • Machine learning
    That takes your detection history and suggests new search terms to widen your scope
  • Image fingerprinting
    To protect official images used by infringers and remove those listings based on your copyright
  • Get evidence
    Document infringements detected and record the evidence. We collect HTML codes of the sites and screenshots automatically for you

Automatically send DMCA takedown requests

  • Automatic notifications
    Links found on search engines will be automatically de-indexed and once the infringement is confirmed, a DMCA takedown notice will be sent right away with our DMCA takedown notice service
  • Multi-platform approach
    Removal will be done on several platforms like cyberlockers, hosting providers, linking sites, P2P, and VOD platforms

Get insights, measure your copyright protection efforts, and take data-based decisions

  • Real-time dashboards
    Digest all the information, with an overview of the results obtained
  • Reporting
    Get monthly reports of how your copyright protection efforts are going. Export available data in CSV format
  • Business intelligence
    Work with IP experts to improve your strategy. Learn how piracy sites are performing. Discover industry trends

Why choose Red Points’ DMCA Takedown Service

Red Points' DMCA Takedown Service is the top choice for over 1,200 leading brands to protect their online content. Here's why:

Widest coverage 

Our automatic DMCA takedown service casts a wide net, ensuring that we identify and address unauthorized content usage, phishing attempts, and deceptive websites across a multitude of platforms and domains

Leading Enforcer

Red Points manages 4.6 million enforcements per year on top platforms. We offer priority escalation, maintaining a 91% average enforcement success rate. Additionally, our capabilities include seller account freezing and closing, underscoring our comprehensive approach to platform management

World-class expertise

When you choose Red Points’ DMCA takedown notice service, you're entrusting your brand's safety to a team with the knowledge and expertise to outmaneuver even the most sophisticated bad actors

Where our automatic DMCA takedown service can protect your copyright


Detect, validate and remove infringing listings automatically in thousands of marketplaces

Social Media

Take down fake accounts and posts using your copyright on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more


Find stand-alone sites hurting your brand and take them down with our unique approach


Detect and claim domains using your trademark to divert traffic from your official channels

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Anti-Piracy Software

Use Red Points’ anti piracy software to track and remove illegal content at the source and increase your copyright’s lifetime value

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Take down fake websites

Red Point’s domain takedown service automatically finds and removes spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand

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Catch infringers sharing content on cyberlockers

Detect, monitor, and enforce infringing content uploaded on cyberlockers fast and efficiently

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Trademark Monitoring Software

Automatically find and automatically enforce against trademark infringement with Red Points’ online trademark monitoring service

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Our official partnerships and certifications

As a leading industry reporter, with over 4.6M enforcements per year in top platforms, we are official partners and have certifications with: 

Google's Trusted Copyright
Removal program

Youtube-Certified Multi-
Channel Network


What is DMCA violation?

DMCA violation occurs when someone is using your copyright material without permission. While copyrights ensure you legally own your brand’s unique product designs and content, these licenses don’t actively protect your content from being stolen. When you find your copyrights being infringed upon, using a DMCA takedown service as fast as possible is essential to protect your brand.

What’s a DMCA takedown?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA notice, also known as DMCA request or DMCA takedown notice, informs an individual, website owner, or internet service provider that they are hosting or linking to content that infringes on someone else’s copyright. 

The party that ends up receiving the DMCA notice is required to take down the entire website or the infringed content as soon as possible. 

The DMCA covers all kinds of copyrighted content that can be infringed on the internet, which can include:

  • Written content
  • Audio files like music 
  • Videos 
  • Pictures posted on websites or social media pages 
  • Software 
  • Artwork

You can either send DMCA notices on your own or use a DMCA takedown notice service like Red Points to automate the entire process.

How does DMCA takedown work?

Submitting a DMCA takedown request refers to the process of formally reporting an infringement online. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was the legislative solution put into effect in 2000, when existing copyright laws proved insufficient in the new digital era. The DMCA made several updates to copyright law and provided a system copyright owners could use to report infringements online.

What’s an automatic DMCA takedown service?

A DMCA takedown service is one that helps you automatically send DMCA notices to any website owner that is infringing on your copyright. While there is a manual way to file for DMCA notices, it can be incredibly frustrating to keep track of all the notices and paperwork, especially if you have to routinely send notices to infringers. 

Not only do you have to fill each notice with the required information, but you also need to manage responses from the website owners or website hosting providers. In some cases, you may even be required to provide additional information. 

With a DMCA takedown notice service, it becomes possible to automate the entire process from start to end.

Red Points is a DMCA takedown services provider that can track and enforce copyright infringement on different websites, marketplaces, and even social media platforms.

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