Anti-Piracy Solution

Piracy is the biggest threat to content producers. It has evolved to evade authorities and persists despite the best efforts of industries and governments.

Movie piracy

Illegal copies of films that are available for free, to stream or download through piracy sites and apps, including some films that have yet to be released.

TV Piracy

New episodes and entire back catalogues of TV series are held on streaming sites, piracy apps and download sites.

Editorial Piracy

Books, textbooks and magazines; are available on apps, messaging groups or pirate libraries, ready to download to tablets and ebook readers.

Some quicks stats about the problem

A global growing issue threatening multiple industries


The percentage of box office revenue losses piracy can cause during a film’s theatrical window.

78 bn

The number of visits to movie and TV piracy sites every year.

2.7 m

The number of books currently available for free on pirate libraries.

Is your content affected?

Find out to what extent you have a problem. Our audit will give you the info you need to judge the level of risk for yourself. Knowledge is power!

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Consequences for your company

How will piracy affect the performance of your business?


Lost sales to pirate sources and the devaluation of your content will directly affect profitability.


Lack of exclusivity and control of consumption channels allow users to consume low-quality versions.


Distributors, license holders, franchisees, sponsors; all will suffer first hand from the illegal use of your content.


“Red Points is a service to measure the impact of piracy and above all I get lots of use out of it when we launch a new campaign; I am able see the current state of piracy of a title”.”

Red Points began working with Grupo SM in September 2016. A publishing and distribution company, Grupo SM was experiencing high levels of piracy of their titles.

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Millennials and Piracy Behaviour, trends and future planning

A collection of the latest industry and academic studies on Millennials online behaviour and piracy trends.

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Some of our currently protected content

Our smart solution has attracted clients who own some of the biggest titles in the world.

Why Red Points?


Red Points’ technology can detect and report infringements automatically, in a matter of hours. We provide the power of a large search team and the knowledge of an experienced legal department; all available on your desktop 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the time and financial cost.


The combination of our technology, analysts and legal experts allows us to streamline the entire protection process. This coupled with our multiple professional relationships and robust search strategies, have made us one of the most effective content protection services in the world.


Our scalable tech allows us to offer protection to both large and smaller sized organisations. We believe in learning from our clients, so we create a tailored protection strategy for each one. We offer different levels of service to suit different levels of threats and different sized budgets.

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