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Anti Piracy

Shut down pirates

Track and remove illegal content at the source to increase your copyright’s lifetime value

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Rapidly detect pirated content anywhere online

Source detection

Copyright protection experts identify and update sources of piracy daily

Bot-powered search

Crawl linking sites, cyberlockers, apps, social, streaming and P2P platforms

Self-improving detection

Machine learning uses your detection history to add new search rules


Automatically enforce copyright and follow up on sources

Automation rules

Removal and deindex requests are sent instantly using automation rules

Removal follow-up

Piracy experts pursue out-of-court actions to stop further violations

YouTube expertise

As a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we provide expert protection


Identify trends and track down infringers to the source

Real-time documentation

See detailed search results in the platform right after they are found

Performance dashboards

Quickly understand your intellectual property protection coverage

Customized reports

Measure the business impact of your actions with tailor-made reports

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Learn in 10 minutes how we can protect your brand against online IP infringements