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Use Red Points’ Anti Piracy software to track and remove illegal content at the source and increase your copyright’s lifetime value

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How anti piracy software works


Rapidly detect pirated content anywhere online

Source detection

Anti-piracy experts identify and update sources of piracy daily

Bot-powered search

Crawl linking sites, cyberlockers, apps, social, streaming and P2P platforms

Self-improving detection

Anti-piracy solution and machine learning use your detection history to add new search rules

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Automatically de-index and take down copyright violations

Automation rules

Anti piracy software instantly sends de-index and removal requests using automation rules

Removal follow-up

Piracy experts pursue out-of-court actions to stop further violations

YouTube expertise

As a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, our anti-piracy company provides expert protection

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Anti-piracy services Identify trends and track down infringers to the source

Real-time documentation

See detailed search results in the anti-piracy software right after they are found

Performance dashboards

Quickly understand your anti-piracy coverage

Customized reports

Measure the business impact of your actions with tailor-made reports


Anti Piracy product guide

The Red Points Anti-Piracy product guide will show you just how our solution can greatly improve your brand’s anti-piracy efforts.

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What is anti-piracy software?

The best anti-piracy software are designed to prevent the illegal copying or unauthorized use of different types of software programs.

Red Points’ Anti-piracy software helps intellectual property rights owners keep their copyrighted content safe from piracy online, ensuring a complete lifetime value of their creations.

We do this by monitoring, protecting and taking down unlawful online distribution such as web, social media, and P2P sites for content that has been registered by brands. Our Anti-Piracy technology can also automatically alert brands when it finds illegal online distribution.

How does anti-piracy software work?

Red Points’ Anti-Piracy solution automates the detection and enforcement of copyright infringements. The detection process is carried out by bot-powered searches, which scan sites based on keywords, among further search parameters. These bots constantly crawl and monitor all sites, so that the online piracy detection works 24/7 and reflects up-to-date piracy data.

On average, it takes up to 1.5 days to takedown infringement, which means you can see near-immediate results.

Over time, our anti-piracy solution and machine learning processes continuously reference a growing data set of past infringements to get smarter at detecting new ones and enforcing them automatically.

How do companies protect against content theft?

While the threat of digital piracy isn’t going anywhere, you can still ensure your content is safe from being illegally replicated online. Follow these steps to protect content online and prevent digital piracy:

Copyright your work
Even though your work is automatically protected by copyright if it meets the criteria to be qualified as copyright content, copyrighting your work will make it far easier to monitor and take down infringements online, and get it taken down when it occurs.

Report infringement to law enforcement
Reporting digital piracy to law enforcement creates an official record of infringement online and may increase the chances of the content being taken down.

Contact the pirate site
Website owners and domain hosts are usually public information that can be found quickly online. If you need to take down a website for copyright infringement, reach out to the domain registrant, host, and any other contact associated with the site. This tactic can save you more time and stress if they heed your request before you take official action.

DMCA takedown
A DMCA takedown is an official notice sent to the uploader of the pirated content, as well as other necessary contacts. This notifies them of your ownership of the pirated content they have illegally uploaded, and that it must be removed.

Report pirated content to marketplaces
Sending a DMCA takedown to the original uploader may not prove successful in taking down the pirated content. If your request is ignored and the content was posted on a marketplace or platform, the site administration can help get the content taken down.

Use anti-piracy software
Anti-piracy software offers a completely automated way to track and take down piracy online. Anti-piracy software like Red Points can identify infringements immediately, and takedown piracy at the source.

What are the benefits of an anti-piracy software?

The sheer amount of illegal uploads online makes it nearly impossible for even the largest enforcement teams to fully protect content from being pirated.

Using an Anti-Piracy software to continuously track and remove unauthorized content can help increase the lifetime value of your copyright.

Unfortunately, doing this task manually can quickly become time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive, which ultimately means most brands are particularly vulnerable to these digital pirates.

Red Points’ Anti Piracy Software automates the detection, protection and removal of copyright infringements.

What kind of content is protected under Red Points’ Anti Piracy software?

Red Points’ Anti-Piracy software helps brands and intellectual property right owners to protect their content online in several platforms and formats:

– Live events & streaming
Red Points’ anti paricy technology is able to detect and take down unauthorized transmissions of live events. As a Youtube Certified Partner and as part of the Google Trusted Copyright Removal Program, we can enforce streaming signals in real time from online sites and social media and detect online piracy.

– Cinema & TV On Demand
Red Points’ Anti-Piracy software is able to monitor copyrighted content since it is first transmitted and released in the country of origin. It can also detect and enforce movies and series that are being pirated in online sites.

– Press & Publishing
Our anti piracy solution also detects, monitor, and eliminate illegal copies of editorial content published on online sites and social media. Pirated magazines, diaries, or even books can be enforced using Red Points’ Anti Piracy solution.

– Software, apps & video games
Protecting your interactive content in app stores and extensions is now possible with Red Points’ Anti-piracy software. We can help identify apps, video games, and software, and enforce those who infringe your copyright.

What’s the impact of piracy on brands?

Brand piracy has a significant economic impact and with the advent of digital media, its influence has grown exponentially.

When original material is stolen and shared online, every sector that produces unique content suffers. Every day, new methods of internet piracy emerge, no matter how hard organizations try to combat them.

Because pirated content is always being compared to the original, customers are often left with a terrible experience. Creators of online content are constantly engaged in conflicts about how to maintain the integrity of their brands or the industry as a whole and find the best way to detect online piracy and illegal video streams to minimize the impact on the revenue.