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What makes your business a target of scammers on social media?

In a matter of minutes, scammers can steal your content and upload it to create fake social media accounts for several purposes:

Divert Traffic

Fake social media accounts are created under your brand name for the sole purpose to steal traffic

Sell Counterfeits

Using fake social media profiles scammers mimic your brand

Commit Fraud

Create confusion to steal your users’ personal and financial information

How Red Points Social Media Protection software works

Make sure you leave no impersonation infringement unchecked. Have the peace of mind that your brand is being protected 24/7 with Red Points’ Social Media Protection software:


Find social media impersonations in seconds with bot-powered search


Filter thousands of social media impersonation infringements by leveraging image recognition


Take down what puts your customers at risk automatically with our social media security software

Where we protect you

Our social media protection software can monitor and detect impersonation scams on major social media networks

How social media impersonation impacts your business

When someone passes as you on social media this can impact your:


  • Increasing complaints
  • Shrinking your value
  • Reducing loyalty


  • Buying low-quality products
  • Sharing sensitive information
  • Becoming fraud and phishing victims


  • Reducing traffic
  • Diverting investment
  • Decreasing revenue

See how Fila is fighting impersonation on social media with Red Points


Red Points in numbers


fake social media profiles removed


infringements removed


social media users protected

What is social media protection?

In a nutshell, social media protection is when a brand protects its identity, products, and Intellectual Property from impersonation attacks on social media. Social media phishing, impersonation scams, or account takeovers have become major threats to the privacy and security of brands and users. The negative impact of being impersonated on social media can be devastating: loss of reputation, sales, or even identity theft.

Although most social media platforms provide reporting tools to help brands detect and report impersonation scams, the responsibility falls on brands to protectively protect their product or identity on social media.

What does a Social Media Protection software do?

The best Social Media protection software should monitor brand usage beyond social media to sites such as domain names, websites and app stores. With the Red Points’ Social Media protection software, you can take advantage of machine learning and AI to automatically find and remove fake sites, apps, and domains to protect your customers and reputation.

What are some examples of social media scams?

Impersonation comes in many forms, from phishing scams that ask for personal information to be sent to an outside account to full-blown fraud where you buy products from illegitimate sellers.

The following are some of the most common ways scammers impersonate brands:

In phishing, scammers impersonate a brand (or employees of that brand) in order to retrieve sensitive customer information or data such as social security numbers, passwords or bank details. One of the most impacted sectors by these practices is the financial sector (particularly FinTech companies, which tend to have more interaction with their users through social networks).

A counterfeit page is a fake page that sells inauthentic products in order to deceive consumers. Often, they use aggressive advertising to target brand consumers and redirect them to a website outside the social network where the transaction takes place. s.

Although not all scams involve impersonating a third party, many of the most common frauds on the Internet (coupons, romance fraud, 491 scams, account takeovers, etc.) begin with identity theft done through social networks.

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