Watch now our free Brand Intelligence Summit on demand!
Watch now our free Brand Intelligence Summit on demand!

Dennis Wilke

Brand Protection Coordinator at Cluse

Red Points' webinars

How brands and IP departments should prepare for the second half of 2020

Learn how Cluse, the successful Dutch watch brand, is gearing up for the new normal

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Social Commerce: Cultivating a Fake-Free Community

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Combating the Rise of Counterfeit Cosmetics Online

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Online vs offline brand protection post-COVID-19

Panel discussion with Daniel Wellington, The European Commission and eBay

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How FOREO shifted its IP strategy for an uncertain future

Practical approaches and tactics brands can use to protect their IP post-COVID-19

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Building & protecting a brand: From idea to global reality

Exclusive conversation with Shark Tank-backed Bala Bangles

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5 ecommerce tactics brands are adopting now

What brand protection and ecommerce leaders are doing to win in the post-COVID-19 world

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Maral Behnam-Garcia

Director, Brand Protection & Intellectual Property at

Winning the fight against fakes through collaboration - featuring

Harnessing New Technologies to Protect your Brand

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7 Things Brands Are Doing Now to Win The Day After COVID-19

Based on insights from 150 ecommerce leaders

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Joy Puor

Sustainability Manager
at XD Design

How brands can counteract the environmental impact of fakes

An open discussion on sustainable solutions to protecting IP rights

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Juan Galdeano

CTO at Red Points

Online brand protection to fight Cybercrime

An open discussion on how technology can protect online revenue and brand erosion.

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Arnaud Delcambre

Head of e-commerce / China & Japan Sales Manager
chez Les Néréides & N2

Effective Ways to Safeguard your IP in China

How jewelry house Les Néréides grew into Asia while protecting partners

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Impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce sales

Investigating changes in online shopping behavior in the wake of the growing COVID-19 outbreak

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Image recognition versus fashion infringements

Protecting fashion brands against unbranded copies online

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Peter Ratcliffe

London Met Police' Intellectual Property Crime Unit

2020 Trends: How digitisation is advancing the fight against IP crime

Part II

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Jorji Abraham

General Manager at The E-commerce Foundation

2020 Trends: Future-proofing your brand protection strategy.

Part I

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Protecting Intellectual Property in Emerging Markets

How to Build a Sustainable Brand Protection Strategy

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Preserving Your Creativity Against Online Counterfeits

Actionable tips to protect your innovations from being stolen by bad actors

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IP Infringements and Keyword Cycles

Brand protection evasion techniques and how technology can monitor, predict and tackel them

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How to Make Your Product Viral

Insights on how to bring word-of-mouth to your business

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Understanding counterfeits online & Chinese IP protection

Common problems & simple solutions

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Maysa Razavi

Head of Anti-counterfeiting for INTA

Combating repeat infringers

Expert discussion on online & offline IP protection strategies

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Stephen Key

Award-winning Inventor & entrepreneur

How to protect your product idea

Counterintuitive strategies and real-life examples on how to safeguard your innovations

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Laura Ries

Bestselling author and leading market consultant

Nailing your corporate brand with a visual hammer

Using the power of images to improve your verbal positioning and build a strong brand

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John F.Hornick

Partner & founder of 3d printing working group

3d printing and the future (or demise) of intellectual property

Are you prepared for the changes 3D printing will bring to the IP world and beyond?

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Susan Moeller

Business Development Manager at Buzzsumo

Beyond Brand Awareness

Promoting & protecting your brand online

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Nate Davis

BP manager Whirlpool

Trademarks, Digital-Policing Strategies

Monitor counterfeiters, brand abuse, and licensees with an efficient trademark-management program

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Rob Holmes

CEO of

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology and IP Law Firms

How to improve the quality and quantity of IP services using legal tech

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Kasie Bill

Senior Director of Brand Protection, GIPC, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Monica Talley

Partner at Sterne Kessler

Counterfeit products on Social Media

Taking action against fakes on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Applying artificial intelligence in online brand protection

How technology is used to automate detection, validation and enforcement tasks in a cost-effective way.

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Dan Harris

China Law Blog and of the Harris Bricken law firm

Protecting your IP in China

Agreements, registrations and practical tips on how to protect your brands.

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Ryan Powell

Senior Director North America at Easyship

From smashing your crowdfunding goals to ecommerce

How to prepare for counterfeits and International shipping needs

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Gus Hazel

Partner at James & Wells

Fighting fake design furniture on ecommerce platform

Do customers care about designers or brands? How new customers' buying habits favour copycat products.

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