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Partner with Red Points to automate the detection and removal of brand abuse for your clients 24/7 on a global scale

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1,300+ companies trust Red Points to protect their brands and customers

Stop any kind of brand abuse.
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Brand Protection

Find, track, and remove counterfeit listings and sellers.

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Impersonation Removal

Take down fake websites and social media accounts.

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Domain Management

Reclaim your name.

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Anti Piracy

Eliminate pirates.

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Revenue Recovery

Litigate at zero cost.

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Where Red Points provides intellectual property security


Detect, validate and remove infringing listings in 5000+ marketplaces.

Fake Websites

Automatically find and remove spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand.


Detect and enforce domains that exploit your brand.

Social Media

Detect and monitor fake profiles and counterfeits on social media platforms.

Search Engines

Detect, monitor, and deindex infringing content and sites from search engines fast and efficiently.


Automatically find and take down fraudulent ads in 240+ countries and territories.

How can you partner with Red Points?

Licensing Program

Resell Red Points to your customer base and enhance your offering, efficiency and competitivity.

Referral Program

Recommend Red Points to your customer base and receive a commission.

What to expect from your partnership with Red Points


Enhance scope

- Enhance the scope of your intellectual property monitoring capabilities
- Detailed data reports customizable to meet your needs


AI platform

- Automate repetitive tasks
- Refocus your time and effort on high-value tasks
- Bulk enforcement to shut down infringers quickly



- 5000+ marketplaces covered worldwide
- 170+ top marketplaces receiving constant monitoring
- 30 million listings processed per day

"We at INXI Co.Ltd. are profoundly impressed by the functionality and seamless user experience provided by the Red Points platform."

Hirokazu Shimauchi

President and CEO of INXI Co.Ltd.


When is the right time to reach out to Red Points about a partnership?

The best time to reach out to Red Points may vary depending on the circumstances of your or your clients’ issues. However, it’s important to note that Red Points’ services are at their greatest value when the problem at hand meets the following criteria:

  • Infringement or online impersonation is a repetitive problem, not a standalone incident.
  • The infringement or impersonation is present across multiple marketplaces, websites, or social media platforms.
  • The level of intellectual property protection needed by your client(s) exceeds your internal scope.

What partnership plans does Red Points offer?

There are two partnership programs currently offered by Red Points: a Licensing program and a Referral program.

The Licensing program allows you to resell Red Points to your customer base and enhance your current product offerings. As an active Red Points partner in this program, you will receive discounted access to all Red Points plans.

The Referral Program operates a little differently, you can recommend Red Points to your customer base and in turn receive a commission based on the value generated by your clients’ fees with Red Points.

What is the pricing structure for Red Points Partners?

Unfortunately, there is no standard pricing structure set for Partnerships with Red Points at the moment that can be shared without understanding the specifics of each case.

However, this gives us the flexibility to accommodate a wider range of needs and address every potential partnership with a unique quote that reflects the scope of work specific to each partner. For this reason, we implore those that are interested in a partnership with Red Points to share as much information as possible when submitting a demo, contact, or pricing request.

Does Red Points offer gray market monitoring exclusively?

At this time, no, Red Points does not offer gray market monitoring exclusively, but this is a service that can be packaged into other Red Points services, such as our Brand Protection solution or our Impersonation Removal solution.

Does Red Points offer single marketplace packages?

Yes, Red Points does offer single marketplace packages!

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