Intellectual Property Software

Use Red Points’ intellectual property tracking and protection solution to automatically find and remove IP infringement to protect your customers and profits

How IP protection solution works


Identify IP infringement across marketplaces and websites 24/7

Bot-powered search

Intellectual property management software scans marketplaces and websites for potential IP infringements every hour

Photo analysis

Image recognition technology scans photos to identify trademark and patent abuse

Self-improving detection

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities

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Automatically enforce against intellectual property infringement or review detections and decide

Automation rules

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for IP infringers

Validation cards

Use image cards to validate, pause or discard detected incidents

High-risk shortlist

Use our IP protection solution to prioritize potential intellectual property infringements that require your attention

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See the impact of your Intellectual Property protection actions

Economic impact

Review what you are gaining back from IP infringers

Output reports

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates included in your Intellectual Property protection software

Data extraction

Use data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API



What are intellectual property protection services?

The best Intellectual Property Protection services detect intellectual property infringements around the clock and across the internet with efficient technological features such as:

– Bot-powered search to identify potential intellectual property infringements across marketplaces and websites;
– Image recognition to detect illegitimate usage of copyrighted assets;
– Machine learning to make the detection of infringement self-improving and suggests new rules and keyword opportunities.

By leveraging Intellectual Property Protection services like Red Points, brands should expect to:

– Remove IP infringements automatically or help streamline the enforcement actions
– Leverage automation rules to instantly initiate enforcements against intellectual property infringements
– Access real-time data highlighting sellers and geographical areas of particular risk to help your brand make informed decisions to protect your business’s reputation and revenue.

What are the benefits of intellectual property protection services?

Intellectual property theft can have a huge impact on your brand reputation and bottom line. If left unchecked, stolen IP can take out a major chunk of your revenue and customer base. It can take years for your business to completely recover from the losses.

The main benefits of Intellectual Property Protection services are that it automates the process of monitoring your IP and streamlines the reporting and enforcement process by going after any cases of theft before they cause permanent damage to your business.

Red Points’ Intellectual Property Management and Protection tools can automatically find and trigger the process of trademark, design registration, and patent or copyright infringement removal. It does so by leveraging AI to scan marketplaces and websites 24/7, and automatically enforcing shutdowns of infringed listings.

How can you protect intellectual property rights?

Managing and protecting your intellectual property is crucial so that you can protect and maximize the value of your brand and prevent revenue leakage. There are several strategies businesses implement to prevent bad actors from benefiting financially from their inventions, brands, or products.

1- Register for different intellectual properties
Registering your brand’s intellectual properties is one of the best and most effective ways to protect it. This can include trademarking the brand name, logo, designs, slogans, and any other words.
You should also copyright your original product images and any other creative works that uniquely distinguish your brand.

2- Make your branding unique
By doing so it decreases the chances of intellectual property theft. This can be achieved by creating more complex logos and unique designs.

3- Leveraging Intellectual Property Protection Tools
Red Points’ Intellectual Property Protection tools utilize artificial intelligence to automatically detect and remove online counterfeits. With the help of machine learning tools, such as keyword generation and image recognition we are able to process the information retrieved across over 100 online marketplaces, websites, and social networks to detect fakes, piracy, or sellers online and allow our customers to take enforcement actions.

What are the most common violations of intellectual property?

Violations of intellectual property can come in the form of a scam, or fraud, through the unlawful use of one or more elements of a brand’s intellectual property (IP) assets, such as trademarks, copyrighted works, patents, and others.

Here are some examples of common violations of intellectual property brand owners should keep an eye out for:

– Lookalike websites passing off as official outlets
– Also known as typosquatting, URL hijacking involves targeting people on the internet who incorrectly type a website’s domain name in the browser
– Wrongful usage of a brand’s logo, copyright images, or brand name to mislead consumers into buying fake goods
– Intellectual Property infringements on social media where fraudulent profiles use trademarks or copyrighted material to represent a brand
– Intellectual Property infringements in mobile app marketplaces and third-party sites where fraudulent apps install malware designed to steal user credentials for harmful purposes or misrepresent your brand.

Intellectual property protection tools and services can help automatically find and remove any instances of IP infringements to protect your customers and profits.

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