Impersonation Removal

Automatically find and remove fake accounts, apps, sites, and domains to protect your customers and reputation

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See where and how your brand is being impersonated

Bot-powered search

Scan social media profiles, websites, and app stores 24/7

Photo analysis

Identify more potential infringements and ensure accuracy

Self-improving detection

Get new rules and search opportunities thanks to Machine Learning


Review impersonation infringements fast

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize which potential infringements require your attention

Visual cards

Review potential infringements in one place without missing any detail

Automation rules

Set up rules to automate the enforcement process for brand infringements


Take down cases that put your brand at risk

Automatic enforcement

Trigger takedown processes immediately. Obtain an effective removal


Get key metrics, and see the success of your anti impersonation efforts

Data extraction

Export and use data to drive future brand protection actions

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