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Why do brands need Impersonation Protection Software?

Impersonation removal is essential for brands for several reasons:

Preserving brand reputation

Impersonation can damage a brand's reputation by associating it with fraudulent or malicious activities.

Preventing fraud

It helps brands detect and counteract fraudulent activities, such as phishing schemes and counterfeit product sales, that harm both the brand and its customers.

Maintaining customer trust

It ensures that customers can trust the authenticity of brand communications and interactions.

Methods employed for brand impersonation

Impersonation attacks can be carried out by using a variety of deceptive methods:

Fake social media accounts

Creating fake social media profiles that mimic the brand's official accounts, often used for spreading misinformation or scams.

Fake websites

Developing websites that closely resemble the brand's official site, often used for selling counterfeit goods or capturing customer data.


Registering domain names similar to the brand's official website with the intent to mislead or profit from brand confusion.

Fake social media ads

Running deceptive ads on social media platforms that appear to be from the brand but lead to malicious websites or scams.

Spoofed apps

Developing mobile applications that mimic the brand's official app but may contain malware or fraudulent functions.

What an impersonation protection software can do for you

Use the most advanced impersonation protection technology combined with world-class experts to safeguard your brand from:

Fake Social Accounts

Make your profiles bullet proof

Stand-alone Websites

Take down scammers

Lookalike Apps

Remove apps impersonating you

Fake Social Accounts

Make your profiles bullet proof

Clean Social Media

Monitor social media automatically

Discover accounts that are impersonating your brand 24/7

Take down fake profiles

Review suspicious accounts and request takedowns or let our impersonation protection software do that for you automatically

Get smarter every day

Boost your search with machine learning that incorporates patterns and improves detection

Stand-alone Websites

Take down scammers

Safe Domains & Websites

Discover sites copying you

Uncover sites stealing your traffic and committing fraud under your brand name

Remove them right away

Take down fake sites automatically and dissuade scammers from doing it again

Self-improving process

Add new search opportunities seamlessly thanks to machine learning

Lookalike Apps

Remove apps impersonating you

Clear App Stores

Find apps using your brand

Identify apps that impersonate your brand fast through keyword search and photo analysis

Enforce automatically

Trigger takedown processes immediately on top app stores and APKs

Make sure it stays down

Monitor links after enforcement to avoid playing whack-a-mole

How Red Points impersonation Protection software works

Make sure you leave no IP infringement unchecked. Have the peace of mind that your products are being protected 24/7 with Red Points’ Brand Protection software


Find impersonations in seconds with bot-powered search


Filter thousands of brand impersonation infringements by leveraging image recognition


Enforce 24/7 by requesting takedowns automatically from brand protection tool for validated infringements

What working with us looks like

What to expect from an Impersonation Removal Software

Brand impersonation protection can be an expensive and resource-intensive task. Brands of all sizes use Red Points’ Impersonation Protection software because it offers:

Real-time protection

Avoid surprises with always-on anti impersonation coverage. Detect and remove 24/7

Industry experts

Access our world-class team of experts that know your industry inside out

Transparent pricing

Good-bye analyst hours, hello flat fees. We don’t leave any infringement unchecked

What can your team expect from Red Points’ Impersonation Protection Software

Wei Zhang


Lawyers & General Counsel

Red Points’ impersonation protection software equips you with legal expertise and proactive strategies to effectively tackle impersonation attacks.

Ed Rainey,


Revenue leaders

Our services safeguard your revenue streams by proactively preventing issues related to impersonation, which can otherwise divert potential customers.

Barbara Mora


Marketing Teams

Our impersonation removal software helps marketing teams counter impersonation by monitoring and eliminating deceptive websites, fake social profiles, and more, safeguarding brand reputation.

Juan Salomon

Security teams

Red Points’ impersonation software is a crucial tool, enabling early detection and swift removal of malicious scams. This proactive approach enhances overall cybersecurity defenses.

Our official partnerships and certifications

As a leading industry reporter, with over 4.6M enforcements per year in top platforms, we are official partners and have certifications with:

Google's Trusted Copyright
Removal program

Youtube-Certified Multi-
Channel Network

See our extensive portfolio of impersonation protection products and services

Protect your domain

Red Points’ Domain Management allows you to detect and enforce domains that exploit your brand

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Domain takedown

Red Point’s domain takedown service automatically finds and removes spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand

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Remove unauthorized ads on search engines

Automatically find and take down fraudulent ads targeting your brand in 240+ countries and territories

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Keep your brand safe on social media

Detect and monitor fake profiles and counterfeits on social media platforms

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Highly rated by brands all over the world

Fantastic option for fighting copies of products!

Josh L. General


5 out of 5 stars


Not only does it give us the confidence that copies of our products are being found and dealt with worldwide, but it has also enhanced our relationships with our distributors.


Red Points online dashboard is very simple to use and has strong back-end reporting. It is a very quick process to check daily and approve or remove potential copies of our products that they find. The customer service team is excellent even though they are in Europe and we are in New Zealand – has never been a problem for us. It has definitely helped us in our fight against copies worldwide and is great value for money….FAR cheaper than a lawyer!

Reasons for Switching to Red Points:

Cost initially. However over time we have seen Red Points has a fair quicker and greater reach than lawyers do.

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Well-designed software that works with excellent customer support!

Joe H.

Marketing & Engagement officer

5 out of 5 stars

What do you like best?

The UI is clear, simple and well laid out so it’s easy to navigate. I was able to learn the software very quickly as well as roll out teaching to others with no issues. The algorithm really captured a great deal of matches after a short learning period and I was able to work through a large number of items easily thanks to the thorough setup. The customer support is also excellent, communicative and very helpful so we are able to get the most out of Redpoints.

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Efficient removal of infringing listings!

Tobias B.

IPR Coordinator

5 out of 5 stars

What do you like best?

Red Points quickly and independently scans several platforms for infringing listings. What used to be a days work to search trough the platforms and report them is now done in minutes. The customer support is also great.

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What is brand impersonation?

Brand impersonation is an act of pretending to be another person/ brand for the purpose of fraud and taking advantage of a position in the market.

Brand impersonation can be especially dangerous when customers are misled into sharing their personal information via social media messaging, email or web forms. Counterfeit goods are also sold very often from impersonated accounts and cloned websites, and consumers can be exposed to many other cybercrimes, so it is essential to implement impersonation protection techniques and tools.

What is an example of brand impersonation?

Brand impersonation comes in many forms, from phishing scams asking you to provide personal information to an outside account to full-blown online fraud where you buy products from shady sellers. All types of impersonation should be detected immediately to protect the reputation of your brand. Your business should use the best software to avoid impersonation for this purpose.

Here are some examples of common impersonation attacks:

Phishing: The act of phishing entails impersonating a brand (or its employees) in order to obtain sensitive customer information, such as social security numbers, passwords, or bank account numbers.
Counterfeiting: The act of selling and creating fake pages of a brand in order to deceive consumers.
Scams: Despite not always impersonating a third party, many of the main scams on the Internet (coupons, romance fraud, 491 scams, account takeover, etc.) are linked to identity theft through social networks.

How do you know if someone is impersonating your brand?

The easiest way to know if someone is impersonating your brand online is to search for your brand’s name online. The website, social media platform, or app will show you all the accounts using your name.

The first thing you can do to know if someone is impersonating your brand online is to search for your brand’s name on social media account lists, app stores, and search engines. However, very often impersonation is perpetrated in stand-alone rogue websites that are not indexed by search engines (i.e. the deep web) and that attract consumers via ads, banners, and social media posts. For those cases, impersonation protection software detection technology is required in order to effectively find out who is impersonating your brand.

How does brand impersonation protection software work?

When it comes to impersonation protection, early detection and removal are the most important steps.

Red Points’ impersonation protection software offers the possibility of detecting, monitoring, and enforcing unauthorized profiles on social media, apps, websites, and domains that impersonate your brand’s official accounts.

All the potential infringements can be registered on Red Points’ impersonation protection platform so that brands can access it to check and analyze results, confirm the infringements and protect from brand impersonation in the future.

What are the causes for impersonation?

Impersonators can steal your content and upload it under a fake domain in a matter of minutes for several purposes:

Divert Traffic: Creating ads under the genuine brand name and stealing traffic

Sell Counterfeits: Using look-alike sites that mimic your official website

Commit Fraud: Creating phishing sites to steal users’ personal and financial information