Catch infringers sharing content on cyberlockers

Detect, monitor, and enforce infringing content uploaded on cyberlockers fast and efficiently.

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Digital content infringement to watch out for

Pirated content is distributed fast, conveniently, and anonymously across a wide range of distribution channels, making it a priority for every content owner to monitor.

Peer-to-peer networks

that enable unauthorized transfer of copyrighted programs

Massive cloud storage

that provides illegal file-sharing services of infringing content

Streaming allowing users

to view content online without having to download and store the illegal file

Content removal services for cyberlockers

Cyberlockers are among the most harmful piracy sources in terms of converting a mainstream audience to illegal distribution channels, and they can lead to several issues for businesses:

Missing out
on revenue

Loss of sales when cyberlockers drive revenue away from your business

Damaged online reputation

Illegitimate online content or sites hurting your hard-earned reputation

Negative customer experience

Negative experiences caused by low-quality content or impersonating highly ranked sites

What can we remove?

When internet users obtain pirated copies or access streams of digital content — live broadcasts, movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and eBooks — legitimate rights holders lose billions of dollars in revenue. At Red Points, we can remove infringing content from a wide variety of channels:

Live events & streaming

Enforce streaming signals from online sites, social media, and video platforms

Press & publishing

Enforce pirated magazines, newspapers, or books

E-learning courses

Find and remove illegal copies of your e-learning courses automatically

Cinema & TV on demand

Remove movies and series that are being illegally distributed online

Software & apps

Identify and enforce apps, video games, or software that infringes your copyright

We prevent infringers from sharing pirated content

Red Points has developed a unique workflow to identify and enforce pirated content in 3 main steps:


Identify potential copyright Infringement

  • Our bots crawl search engines like Google and Bing every 15 minutes
  • Review thousands of infringements automatically with machine learning



Instantly start the removal process

  • Our bots identify and enforce on these storages faster than through the average procedures
  • By taking down content on cyberlocker all the links pointing to that files become useless


See the impact of your brand protection actions

  • Get performance dashboards and reports
  • Calculate the economic impact of your actions


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Avg. success rate from detection to removal

1.5 days

takedown time

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