The basics

What’s Red Points?

Red Points is the most widely used solution to recover digital revenue. By combining online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distribution monitoring capabilities, Red Points provides full visibility into brands’ presence online.
Over 1,300 companies rely on our platform to fight counterfeits, piracy, impersonation, and distribution abuse. They leverage Red Points to take back the revenue that’s rightfully theirs. With offices in New York, Barcelona, Beijing and Salt Lake City, Red Points has disrupted an industry traditionally led by service providers with a scalable, cost-effective solution.

How many services does Red Points offer?

In order to protect brands and businesses, Red Points offers eight different solutions that can be classified into three categories:
-Product protection: Brand Protection, Seller Tracking, and Investigation Services
-Content Protection: Anti-Piracy, Social Video Growth, and Credential Defense
-Identity Protection: Impersonation Removal, and Domain Management

How do I contact Red Points?

Visit our contact page to send your questions to the relevant team.

What makes Red Points’ platform different?

Red Points is the fastest-growing brand protection software in the market, with over 40 brands joining us every month, and the most widely used.
Red Points eliminates expensive hourly lawyer or analyst fees by offering advanced 24/7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that doesn’t sleep – all at a flat fee. Benefit from our team of experts advising over 1,300 brands across all industries around the globe.

How much does Red Points cost?

Choose one of our plans based on your business’ needs and the type of protection required.

For more information, schedule a meeting with a brand protection specialist now.

Using Red Points

How does Red Points work?

Red Points’ platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect and remove intellectual property infringements online 24/7. Through automation rules, or just one click on a validation card, our technology can enforce intellectual property rights and remove issues from global online marketplaces, social media networks, websites and other online channels.

For counterfeiting, visit our ROI calculator to discover how much revenue you could gain back from counterfeiters by using Red Point’s software.

What type of companies does Red Points work with?

Red Points protects brands of all sizes across a large number of industries. From one of the top phone, computer and electronics manufacturers in the world, to some of the most popular sports clubs, 1,300 large and smaller brands said good-bye to manual work and costly service providers and embraced Red Points.

Some of the industries Red Points’ clients represent are: cosmetics, food & beverage, fashion, electronics, sports, entertainment, software, healthcare, automotive, or finance, among many others.

For more information, schedule a meeting with a brand protection specialist now.

What do I need to start using Red Points?

Depending on the type of protection you require, you’ll need to provide relevant documentation such as trademarks, patents or copyright.

How does Red Points flag new infringements?

Infringements are illustrated with visual cards which include information such as: seller name, platform, product description, images used, and price, among others. The validation process is streamlined and easy to complete. Clients can decide if a listing should be enforced or discarded after reviewing it. This process can also be automated.

Users can also utilize Red Points’ platform to find the sellers and platforms that have the most infringements so they can focus their efforts on the most relevant ones.

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