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Safeguard your homeware brand's integrity and financial success with an all-in-one Brand Protection tool. Eliminate fraudulent websites, counterfeit products, social media impersonations, and deceptive schemes 24/7.


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The alarming rise of counterfeiting in the homeware industry


detected infractions from homeware clients*


of buyers are concerned about buying counterfeits**


YoY increase in detected infractions***

* Internal data from Red Points’ platform (2022)

** Design Homeware & furniture market research (2017)

*** Total value of homeware products infringements confirmed year over year through Red Points’ platform, 2021 vs 2022

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1. Set up

Get Started

We help you get ready by doing the onboarding and configuring the platform. We upload your intellectual property rights and create automation rules that will make most of the work for you.

2. Confirm

Validate Infringements

Powered by Machine Learning algorithms the brand protection platform is constantly working on finding new listings on marketplaces and confirming whether or not they contain intellectual property infringements.

Complex cases can be reviewed by you or by our Managed Services team to decide the next step.

3. Remove

Take down 24/7

Automatically ask marketplaces to take down infringing listings and enforce your brand.

Then, uncover repeated infringers, identify regions to focus on, and measure the economic impact of your actions.

We keep your brand safe on

What to expect

Why leading homeware brands choose Red Points to protect their products, content and identity


Enforcement success rate


Estimated value of infringing listings enforced last year


Infringement takedowns

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