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The Red Points formula


Keep your products safe online using artificial intelligence technology that automates the full process from detection to removal

  • 120+ engineers working on the world’s most advanced IP protection platform
  • 40+ clients every month sign up for scalable, limitless infringement takedown


Handle complex intellectual property challenges with a team that leads the largest customer base in the industry

  • Stay up-to-date on IP best practices and trends in your industry
  • Get direct connections with relevant players, platforms, and marketplaces
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Stop losing sales and reputation

Brand Protection

Remove counterfeits

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Monitor sellers

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Collect evidence

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Keep your brand and customers safe

Impersonation Removal

Take down scammers

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Domain Management

Claim your name

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Increase your assets' lifetime value

Anti Piracy

Eliminate piracy

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Social Video Growth

Monetize videos

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Credential Defense

Stop circumvention

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The importance of revenue recovery has never been greater in today's fast-moving economic climate. Whether it's counterfeits, piracy, impersonation, or distribution abuse, the Red Points Recovery Platform helps businesses around the world seamlessly recover legitimate revenue. With our platform, we can identify and eliminate phantom competitors, enabling you to look beyond the funnel and take back the revenue that is rightfully yours. We're proud to support 1.000+ companies in their mission to recover their revenue. Because at the end of the day, if it’s your name and your product, it’s your revenue.


Red Points CEO


“Red Points identifies potentially infringing sales channels and will automatically prepare necessary filings to start the takedown process. Red Points’ effectively complement a blockchain tracking solution”

Emerging Technology Analysis: Protecting Consumer Brands With Blockchain, 2020.

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