How's COVID-19 impacting online sales? Download our market research
How's COVID-19 impacting online sales? Download our market research

Why Red Points

We connect the dots

Red Points Brand Intelligence platform covers your full brand exposure to protect your sales, reputation, and customers against infringements.

Go beyond takedown: take control

All incident types

Fake Products Pirated Content Distribution Infringements Impersonations Copyright Violations

Any online channel

Messaging Services Ecommerce Streaming Stand-alone Websites Apps Search Engines Marketplaces P2P Social Media

Out-of-court actions

Detection Monitoring Validation Notification Enforcement Documentation

Red Points
Brand Intelligence

Brand Protection

Automatically detect and enforce online fakes to defend your sales and reputation.

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Anti Piracy

Remove and track down illegal content sources to increase your copyright’s lifetime value.

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Seller Tracking

Monitor and notify non-compliant sellers to protect your partner network.

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Brands have never been more vulnerable to the issues of online counterfeiting, piracy, and distribution fraud. That’s why, at Red Points, we strive to empower businesses worldwide to seamlessly protect their valuable assets across all online distribution channels. Our Brand Intelligence platform offers a unique solution in the complex and ever-changing fight against brand infringements, providing organizations real-time visibility into their IP assets online coupled with actionable insights to make critical business decisions, and increase sales.


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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist